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Holiday High

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A comprehensive guide to the South Bay’s best 420 deals.

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Amah Mutsun Native Tribe

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Proposed Gravel Mine Would Violate Sacred Ground

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How to Get a Rep

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Honda’s campaign misleads donors as ethics investigation lingers.

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What’s In a Name?

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Local education officials launch new effort to respect name, identity.

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Penalty Duel

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Competing plans to fix the state death penalty could affect 747 inmates at San Quentin.

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The Auctionista

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Property auction startup Rentberry has tenant advocates crying foul.

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No Reservations

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San Jose’s feckless housing policy to evict 670 people.

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Vote ‘No’ on C

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San Jose finally has functioning framework for dispensaries.

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Straight Up

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Support network helps spouses heal after partners come out.

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Cell Service

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Jails commission calls for stripping Sheriff Laurie Smith of power.

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Cordoba Outcry

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Renewed plans for South County mosque stokes Islamophobia.

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Save the Day?

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South Bay Assemblyman Kansen Chu’s fight to abolish Daylight Saving Time.

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Payday Layaway

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Disruptive business models can make workers vulnerable to wage theft.

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Clean Break

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Homeless techie Simon Brook launches janitorial startup.

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Forced Disclosure

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Sheriff’s Office remains coy about use of force in county jails.

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Venture Cannabis

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Venture capitalists race to corner market on medical marijuana.

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Garbage Argument

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Recycling rates lag as San Jose fights its biggest hauler.

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Monk in the Middle

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Bizarre land-use fight pits neighbors against Buddhist cleric, followers.

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Driving Ms. Darcie

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Assembly candidate derides ‘male dominated media’ for reporting spouse’s criminal history. 

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Love Diamonds

Billionaire-backed Diamond Foundry avoids conflict with lab-grown jewels.

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