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Living Legacies

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Proposed statue resumes debate on honoring living public figures.

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Green Mile

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Old-school wheels electrified to bridge the last-mile gap.

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Sons of War

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Veteran Frank Harper's concern for young boys he helped in Vietnam sparks documentary.

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Bikes ‘R’ Us

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San Jose's monthly cycling free-for -all, Bike Party, faces identity crisis as faction attempts to go corporate.

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Trap Game

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Local outreach groups combat sharp growth of girls in gangs.

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Out of Control

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Mountain View has a housing crisis, but rent control is off the table for now.

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Sam Liccardo for San Jose Mayor.

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Over the Hill

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Communications Hill residents are fed up with visiting stair-climbers, drinkers, smokers and fornicators.

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Low-Bid Hybrid

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Students create hybrid conversion kits for drivers in developing countries.

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Inside Job

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Internal emails show Mike Honda’s staffers violated House rules.

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Beach Bums

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South Bay naturists shield nude beach with 27th annual cleanup day.

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Cowgirl Up

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Female-focused bike courier business navigates Silicon Valley sprawl.

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Open Book

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Code for San Jose converts raw public data into civic-driven missions.

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Love Is a Battlefield

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Relationships blossom as more women join role-playing virtual worlds.

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Petty System

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Voters given chance to change California’s archaic drug laws.

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Phone Tagged

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Supreme Court ruling shakes up police smartphone searches, raises new 4th Amendment questions.

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Red Scare

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Feds ignore First Amendment rights by stoking moral panic over prostitution.

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Still Searching

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Grisly details emerge from grand jury docs for Sierra LaMar murder trial.

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Roll Out

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San Jose kicks pot clubs to outskirts with still uncertain terms.

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Connect the Docs

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City clerk stumbles upon historical documents in locked safe, but questions surround authenticity.

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