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Dr. Roboto

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Robotic surgeries represent future of medicine, but marketing and lack of regulation raise red flags.

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Road Rage

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Little Portugal residents fume over dangerous road conditions.

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Cake Wars

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Allegations of racism, retaliation burn East Side institution Peters’ Bakery.

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Lethal Rejection

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California’s capital punishment fight enters M.C. Escher territory.

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Probing Honda

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Congressman Mike Honda shells out $65,000 on lawyers as pay-to-play investigation extended.

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Richard Blum’s fortune has grown on the ruins of the American dream.

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Almost Golden

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Water District CEO signs exclusive deal with tainted contractor.

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Teen to Life

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Mass incarceration of California teens inspires dramatic legislative reforms.

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HandUp App

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Bay Area-based startup HandUp connects homeless people in need with donors who want to help.

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School Rally

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Madison Nguyen proposes UC San Jose campus.

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Super Duper

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Santa Clara County superintendent of schools Jon Gundry avoids questions on shady contract.

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Pass on Grass

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California’s extended drought forces concerned urbanists to get creative.

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Community lobbies for urban 'agrihood' at former research site.

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Fair Trade

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Cat café opens shop in Silicon Valley to increase adoption awareness.

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NorCal Jinx

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Robert Durst documentary sparks renewed focus on disappearance of Northern California girl.

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Head Hunting

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East Side taxidermy bust highlights challenge to stop illegal trafficking.

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Taxi Flagged

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San Jose councilwoman breaks rule with sponsored trip to Big Apple, barred from taking vote on taxis.

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Down Town

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Downtown Morgan Hill businesses get the boot as redevelopment agency plans kick into gear.

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Law De Dah

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California’s broken initiative system attracts lunatics, pranksters, reform.

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Justice or Just Us?

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Bizarre courtroom spectacle plays out as George Shirakawa Jr. receives 45 days community service.

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