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The X Factor

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Ex-MACSA teachers talkabout missing pension; Councilmember Campos isn't.

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Starting From X

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A Star Trek-inspired health care kit and paranoid tech warrior take center stage at TEDx San Jose.

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Foam Here To Eternity

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San Jose balks at EPS ban after $100,000 kickback offer.

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Gauging Gilroy

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Gilroy's race to become mayor turns nasty, forcing Don Gage to come home.

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Plug It Now

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CODA, a new electric car dealership in Santa Clara, zips in front of Tesla to snag a share of the market.

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Bottle Bust

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Arrest of assault suspects fails to quell controversy over attack investigation.

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Row and Run

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The 8K race begins in downtown San Jose, snakes through the Rose Garden and finishes up at Santana Row.

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Building Tall

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Eager to build, San Jose ponders relaxing downtown building height requirements.

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Contra Intuitive

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Moving beyond abortion, Republicans take on birth control. Will abstinence be the only option left?

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Lin’s Legacy

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Jeremy Lin, a graduate of Palo Alto High School, is giving South Bay hoops some credibility

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Future Crime

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The latest policing innovation targets lawbreakers before they even commit a crime

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Plenty of choices

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Fun can be free

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When you consider the options that online casinos offer, it is easy to see why so many people are finding casino games a good way to make time fly.

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San Jose Partners for Downtown WiFi

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Can San Jose's municipal WiFi project finally make the city the true Capital of Silicon Valley?

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La Mesa Verde Brings Healthy Food to Low-Income Familes

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As La Mesa Verde gives gardens to low-income families, the program's creator has even bigger plans.

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Home of the Rave

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Is the campaign against Ectasy youth a response to an epidemic— or an overreaction?

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Bagging Out

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San Jose's plastic bag ban, which went into effect Jan. 1, has its designers hoping for a countywide pushback.

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Empty Nest

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Due to budget woes, San Jose has spent more than $137 million on four public facilities that closed the day they were finished—including a new police substation.

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Wine or Whine?

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Oenophiles who consume $230 magnums at Silicon Valley’s top restaurants may be unaware that one “rock star” winemaker currently finds himself in hot water.

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Tax Spat

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San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed threatens hike in medi-pot dispensary tax to pay for ballot initiative on pot-club rules

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Tech Geeks And Sinners

Using a sophisticated business model, a new wave of Christian churches are targeting Silicon Valley's young and successful

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