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A New Occupation

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Members of Occupy San Jose have been camping on the City Hall plaza since Oct. 2 to protest economic inqequalities in this country.

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The Hunt Begins

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The San Jose Sharks made big changes off the summer—will they be enough to grab a Stanley Cup?

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Clara Buoyant

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With Great America safely out of the way, Santa Clara officials think they have the new Niners' stadium in the bag

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Stanford Football

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Andrew Luck better and better; Chris Wondolowski keeps toiling for Earthquakes  

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Trail Mix

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Work on a new trail system that will expand San Jose's rural walkways and bike paths to 100 miles by 2022 is leaving some puzzled Willow Glen residents in the dust

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Tell It to the Spartans

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San Jose State football had about as awful a season opener as it gets, taking a 57-3 shellacking at Stanford.

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Is the Music Over?

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Problems at Music in the Park with crowd behavior might spell the end of the long-running free music series in downtown San Jose

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BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag

City officials in San Jose have now drawn the ire of a powerful special interest group: dog lovers

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Musical Chairs in Milpitas

Mark Tiernan, the recently ousted chair of the Milpitas Planning Commission, is convinced that fellow commissioner Noella Tabladillo was part of a “coup” that forced him out, and that Mayor Jose Esteves orchestrated the whole thing.

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Laguna Seca

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The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, taking place this weekend at Laguna Seca, is the one time of the year when the world’s coolest old cars, ordinarily hidden in temperature-controlled garages, get a chance to stretch their legs under the warm California sun

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Lighten Up

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San Jose's Planning Commission is urging the City Council to back off on its plan to decimate medical marijuana collectives

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Kline Squared

Anyone surprised to hear that Norm Kline plans to run against District 6 rep Pierluigi Oliverio will not be surprised to learn it’s just a rumor.  

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Thinking Big

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Los Gatos keeps Netflix by allowing the online movie giant to expand its headquarters.

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Spam Scam Almost Works

Practically everyone in the San Jose political community recently received an email asking for financial assistance from a faraway land—but it didn’t come from a Nigerian prince.

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Hellenic High

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Los Gatos’ Dio Deka is part of a new resurgence of high-end Greek restaurants in Silicon Valley

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Bully Beaters

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Activist asks San Jose Sharks to join video project aimed at LGBT youth.

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Fast Laps

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Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey hosts one of only two US races on the four-nation Moto GP calendar on Sunday.

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The Fly: Crisis, Continued

The city's pension-reform plan, meant to confront “staggering” declines in revenue and “alarming” increases in health-benefit costs, should have surprised no one.

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Rogue Waves

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A report by the World Health Organization lends credence to complaints of hypersensitivity to PG&E's SmartMeter and other items (cell phones, WiFi routers, etc.) that emit electromagnetic radiation.

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The Fly: Zoning Out

Medical marijuana clinics are having a big summer in downtown San Jose, as patients in oversized jean shorts and nightgown T-shirts can be found burning on the sidewalk almost any afternoon.

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