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Magic Budget

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Jerry Brown overcomes obstinate Republicans with old-fashioned Democratic trickery.

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The Fly: Nothing for Granted

Police union leader George Beattie isn't shy about attacking his bosses, and SJ City Manager Deb Figone doesn't hesitate to hit back.

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Chinese Games

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Asian giant's purchase of Los Gatos-based Cryptic Studios miffs gaming geeks.

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Tax and Save Lives

More than a few eyebrows lifted last week when Councilmember Sam Liccardo proposed raising the city’s sales tax to help fund police and firefighter jobs.

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Steal This Burrito

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Security breaches are becoming more common for major banks, and one state senator is pushing for more transparency when it comes to notifying customers.

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The Fly: A Comedy of City Errors

The 18th edition of the political comedy show Monday Night Live promised to be “kinder and gentler."

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Nascar Makes Sonoma Stop

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The Bay Area may be diverse, but it has nothing on the cornucopia of characters who attend a day at the raceway for NASCAR.

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The Fly: District 10 Cattle Call

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Harry Mavrogenes, Claude Fletcher  and Rob Davis are among the slew of candidates eyeing a run for Nancy Pyle's termed-out seat.

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Trash Art

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At GreenWaste's San Jose facility, which boasts the nation's highest recovery rate among such facilities, garbage is a dirty word.

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Bye Local?

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Longtime South Bay and Peninsula grocers have two options: Go the way of the dodo or adopt new strategies to take on the big guys.

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Giants of the South Bay

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The San Jose Giants may have lost a star in recent San Francisco send-up Brandon Crawford, but a few notable names—including Barry Zito and Pablo Sandoval—have been seen in the local lineup in recent weeks.

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The Fly: Love Me, Love My Paychck

After asking the city’s workforce to accept 10 percent cuts in compensation to help avoid a fiscal disaster, councilmembers Kansen Chu, Xavier Campos and Nancy Pyle voted Tuesday against docking their own pay.

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Bird Feed

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Chicken producers explore new ways to bring their products to dinner tables.

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Figone to Uncle Sam: ‘No Thanks’

It’s not that Debra Figone doesn’t trust the city council to spend money—it’s just that she doesn’t trust the city council to spend money wisely.

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The New News

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The Eight Annual Innovation Journalism Conference brings a new generation of journalists from around the globe to Stanford.

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The Fly: Panic Room

Mayor Chuck Reed and most of the San Jose City Council took a two-hour tongue lashing Tuesday from city employees, retirees, union representatives and even staffers of several state legislators, then voted 8-3 to push forward with Reed’s declaration of “fiscal and public safety emergency.”

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Leopard Sharks Under Attack

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Scores of leopard sharks have been found thrashing and dying in the shallows of San Francisco Bay from Palo Alto to Marin, as the cause of an apparent epidemic eludes baffled scientists.

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Emergency and Response

Mayor Chuck Reed’s announcement last Friday that San Jose is in a “fiscal and public safety emergency” was like a big squirt of gasoline on the smoldering heap of embers that is the city’s relationship with its public-employee unions.

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Future Games

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Art, theory and commerce collide in the new gaming industry.

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The Fly: DUI PR Pays Off

Before word leaked out through the usual channels that councilman Ash Kalra had been arrested and charged with a DUI early Saturday morning, Kalra and his chief of staff, Joseph Okpaku, were already in damage-control mode.

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