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Inside Job

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Internal emails show Mike Honda’s staffers violated House rules.

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Beach Bums

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South Bay naturists shield nude beach with 27th annual cleanup day.

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Cowgirl Up

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Female-focused bike courier business navigates Silicon Valley sprawl.

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Open Book

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Code for San Jose converts raw public data into civic-driven missions.

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Love Is a Battlefield

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Relationships blossom as more women join role-playing virtual worlds.

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Petty System

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Voters given chance to change California’s archaic drug laws.

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Phone Tagged

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Supreme Court ruling shakes up police smartphone searches, raises new 4th Amendment questions.

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Red Scare

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Feds ignore First Amendment rights by stoking moral panic over prostitution.

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Still Searching

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Grisly details emerge from grand jury docs for Sierra LaMar murder trial.

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Roll Out

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San Jose kicks pot clubs to outskirts with still uncertain terms.

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Connect the Docs

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City clerk stumbles upon historical documents in locked safe, but questions surround authenticity.

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Trucked Up

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Food truck impresario burns over San Jose Fire Dept.’s red tape.

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Email Fail

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Internal county Office of Education emails show commitment to obfuscation.

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Life, Camera, Action

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Prison lifers get another chance at freedom with biographical videos.

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Frack Attack

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San Benito fight over fracking and petroleum extraction goes to ballot.

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Bird Boom

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Exotic bird domestication creates epidemic of abuse, abandonment.

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Who to Judge?

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County judge fights peers, media in unusual re-election battle.

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Morel by Fire

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State forest officials block mushroom hunters from potentially dangerous, bountiful harvest.

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Political Policing

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Mayor Chuck Reed confronts sheriff, supervisor for using San Jose crime for 'political' gain.

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Lethal Election

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Debate over California’s death penalty ramps up as initiative could go to voters in the November election.

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