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Marked Man

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Santa Clara County Office of Education in turmoil as Board considers superintendent’s future.

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Lyft Tiff

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Ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft starting to disrupt Silicon Valley's established cab companies.

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Stamped Out

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Silicon Valley's most vulnerable residents go hungry as Republicans wage war on food stamps.

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Time in the Sun

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Independent rooftop solar installers call new legislation a victory against investor-owned utilities.

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Generation Debt

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Tuition, fees dog SJSU students while campus makeover masks priorities.

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Rescue Race

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Millions at stake in fight over fire safety requirements for San Jose's high-rise buildings.

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The Great One

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Lisa Blanchard's Grateful Garment Project restores dignity to sexual assault victims.

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E Harmony?

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Smokers swap tobacco for e-cigarette vapor while health impact still up for debate.

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Part of the Club?

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Palo Alto draws hard line on Cubberley Community Center  homeless population.

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Get the Lead Out

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Santa Clara County fights back against lead paint contamination in landmark legal battle.

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Trickle Down

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Effects of Congressional inaction, sequester start to hit county’s most vulnerable residents.

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The Bathroom Bill

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New state law protects transgender youth, sets tone for new dialogue.

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So Sorry

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Defense attorneys voice concern about San Jose Police Department’s tactics to gain letters of apology from suspects.

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The Question

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Silicon Valley, one of the country's most diverse melting pots, is inexplicably short on one ingredient: black people. Why?

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Jail Mail

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County considers limiting inmate mail; raises civil rights complaints.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

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Obama defended the widespread surveillance of U.S. citizens during a press conference Friday at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

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Torn Apart

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Congress once again let down the LGBT community, but the Supreme Court could right wrongs with a landmark decision in coming weeks.

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Wag the Dog

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How to change the conversation from dirty politics to sex.

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Family Health Fiasco

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Foundation funded political campaigns, not kids.

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Cannabis Court

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The California Supreme Court decided Monday to uphold a ruling that allows cities to ban medical marijuana collectives.

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