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Start the Music

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Changes to San Jose's entertainment permit process has tripled the number of live music venues in recent years.

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Defer to the Chief

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President Obama’s change in the policy on illegal immigration could have more than obvious benefits.

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Smudge Job

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San Jose Police, Sheriff's Office wage multimillion dollar fight for control of fingerprints.

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Driving in Circles

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Funded by a billionaire insurance company owner who says he’s acting in your best interests, Prop 33 is back.

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Sunday Punched

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After a rough summer at the polls, unions flex with work stoppages at Graniterock facilities.

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Lethal Blow

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With $2.9 million behind Prop. 34, California may become the 19th state to abolish the death penalty.

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Rack, Paper, Seizers

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Merc News caught red-handed with independent media news racks.

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God Man Out

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Hindu Rajan Zed wonders why the Santa Clara City Council doesn't embrace more than one religion in its meeting invocations.

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Chick-fil-A Protests

Chick-fil-A restaurant planned in Mountain View.

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Nose Job

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City of San Jose weighs expansion of Newby Island Landfill while some Milpitas residents fight back in court.

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Plate Wash Scan Scam?

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Scanners used to track criminals concern privacy advocates.

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M8trix Reloaded

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Disputes continue as city officials in San Jose hope that Casino M8trix will finally open its doors.

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Delta Dawn

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Can California's Chinook salmon population survive plans for the Peripheral Canal?

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The New In-Crowd

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VC firms, angel investors bitch and moan as crowdfunding takes off.

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In Memoriam: Tiffany Glenn, Ballet San Jose

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Dancer Tiffany Glenn died Monday at the age of 33 after a six-year battle with cancer. Glenn, who performed with Ballet San Jose, calmly and unflinchingly confronted the illness with a courage and resolve that moved her friends and colleagues.

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Teacher’s Out

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Sunnyvale activist sues state, Alum Rock school district over tenure rules.

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Home And Away

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San Jose develops new policies to clear growing number of homeless camps.

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Blue Brother

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A marine scientist explores primal connection to the sea.

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Straight Camp

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A new State Senate bill wants to outlaw religious camps that try to turn young gay people straight.

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Stealing Home

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A family loses its home, money to a shady real estate broker—one of many operating in California.

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