Metro Issue: May 16–May 22, 2021

Metro Cover Story Photo: New Age Nuts

New Age Nuts

How the cult film 'Thrive' recycles some of the worst conservative canards.

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Counting to Zero

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The muse meets the business plan as the ZERO1 Biennial goes looking for Silicon Valley.

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Dude, Where’s My Car?

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The District Attorney's Office says blood tests launched last year can determine if a driver is stoned.

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Surreal McKenzies

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Canadian Scottish hardcore? On one of the most popular punk labels of all time? That’s the Real McKenzies.

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Dum Dum Girls

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The Dum Dum Girls bring their expansive new songs to the Blank Club.

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Fear the Beard

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In The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen plays a bombastic monarch unmoored in New York.

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Bathed in Buttermilk

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Jack Black plays a small-town undertaker in 'Bernie.'

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Directionally Challenged

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The gulf between two cultures is mediated and mended in 'Where Do We Go Now'

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Kraftbeer 3.0

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Featuring some 60 domestic and imported beers, many of them obscure and hard to find.

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Spice Trade

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San Jose's Hoi An restaurant specializes in hot tastes and beautiful plates.

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Shawarma Swarm

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Shawarma is a method of preparing meat on a spit, similar to the way the more familiar Greek gyro is made.

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