Metro Issue: Apr 8–Apr 14, 2021

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What To Do If You Are Mediocre In Silicon Valley

Many people know Silicon Valley is a leading hub when it comes to high-tech in fields of innovation and development. Fewer know it also accounts for one third of the venture capital investment in the country. So with this idea in mind, is might be harder to imagine Silicon Valley does have its mediocre people and not everyone here is a walking genius or the owner/manager of a prosperous business. So what can you do if you find yourself on the mediocre side of Silicon Valley? Here is an interesting insight into the story.  


Does The Valley Has Many Mediocre Programmers?

While there is an impressively large number of superior programmers than anywhere else here, you might be surprised to discover that the actual distribution bulk does not vary greatly from other areas. This makes is harder for even the most experienced of programmers and computer geeks to land jobs here. The explanation lies in the fact that Silicon Valley tends to assess local experience at 2 and sometimes 3 times the regular experience required anywhere else, but this does not truly justify the harsh criteria for newcomers. Only a few percentage points of all programmers here are actually top-notch, with the vast majority lingering in the mediocrity zone. It is much like affiliate programs out there - there is a large number of them on the market, but only a few are actually high quality, trustworthy, and truly worth the trouble. Let’s just briefly look at a few facts about Ladbrokes Partners – one of the best actors in the industry. The company dates back to 1886 and it has steadily grown into one of the gaming and gambling industry giants.


With more than 14,000 employees and over 13 specialized web sites based on casino, bingo, financials, or sports betting products, these guys factor in some mind-blowing profits on a yearly basis. They currently manage more than 2,800 sports betting shops alone and they are inviting all interested marketers or newbies to leverage the amazing power by joining their rewarding program. Compared to smaller or average gaming facilities and their associated affiliate programs, the advantages these fellows have to offer are the driving force behind the success recorded by the guys at Ladbrokes. Reliable payments, along with powerful conversion rates and the high flexibility degree of the commissions and personal account managers are just a few of these decisive elements.

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