.Lindsey J. Smith

Nov 7, 2018

Department of Corrections

It's a warmer than average Friday in late October, and at 4pm plenty of folks would be itching to get a jump on the weekend. But not Raj Jayadev. The youthful-looking 43-year-old community organizer is still running around the offices of the non-profit he helped co-found, Silicon Valley De-Bug, as he prepares to head over to the Santa Clara County Main Jail.
Aug 31, 2016

Elephant in the Valley: Silicon Valley Study Exposes Tech Misogyny

By the time Hillary Mickell started the recipe sharing site Foodily, she'd been working in tech for quite some time. She'd held senior marketing positions at giants including Yahoo, where she climbed the ladder, balancing her career against having two kids. She received her share of offhand comments about how raising children would kill her career. She watched the man hired to fill in for her while she was on maternity leave cozy up to her boss, and wondered if, perhaps, her job was in jeopardy. Still, she thought the culture was fairly inclusive.
Aug 10, 2016

Agha's to the Rescue

Agha’s Gyro Express serves ridiculously tasty and affordable lamb over rice plates.
Jul 27, 2016

Penalty Duel

Competing plans to fix the state death penalty could affect 747 inmates at San Quentin.
Sep 9, 2015

Conservation Meets TechAt Nerds for Nature

Conservation meets tech as local Nerds for Nature takes root. Dusk creeps across the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto. The salty, grainy smell of baked marsh grasses wafts through the door of a conference room at the Peninsula Conservation Center, as Zach Miller, lean and alert, stands by the door, waiting for the clock to strike 7. As stragglers settle in, Miller introduces himself.
Aug 26, 2015

Saturday Day Fever

SJMADE has launched a First Saturdays fair on The Alameda.
Aug 26, 2015

Dr. Roboto

Robotic surgeries represent future of medicine, but marketing and lack of regulation raise red flags.
Aug 5, 2015

Worth the Moolah

MOOYAH is no ordinary fast food joint.

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