February 14-20, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Chain Reaction of Smiles

Thank you so much for Sara Bir's beautiful article about Logan Whitehurst ("Our Friend Logan," Jan. 31). As a fan, it's hard for me to explain to people how special he was and how much he is missed. I didn't know him personally. I only met him once-- at his performance at Reed College in Portland in 2004--but I walked away knowing that I'd met someone truly special. After a glowing introduction from Dr. Demento, Logan took the "stage" (which was just the front floor of the lecture hall) and instantly lit up the room (both figuratively and literally, as he had Vanilla the Plastic Snowman at his side!). It was a bizarre experience sitting in a small lecture hall watching this guy with just a few instruments and a lawn ornament, and laughing so hard I had to stop clapping in order to wipe away my tears. And I wasn't alone. The room was filled with giddy grins, and the whole crowd's inhibitions melted away as we all started to sing along. It was electrifyingly happy. I was instantly hooked! And it wasn't just about the catchy tunes or the brilliantly complex lyrics. It was the spirit of Logan himself that is embodied in every song--that sense of wonder, decency, levity and sincerity that gives you no other choice but to smile from ear to ear.

Through his music, Logan has set off an infinite domino chain reaction of smiles that spans continents, generations and lifestyles. His spirit remains alive in the hearts of the countless people he continues to touch.

I thank you for honoring his spirit with this tribute.

Robin Parker, Portland, Oregon

Genius in the Room

Thank you for Sara Bir's article on Logan Whitehurst. I knew him for too short a time (I was the older lady in the Velvet Teen's video The Prizefighter), but it was long enough to see how special he was.

I was very nervous filming that bar scene with all those young, very pretty women, and then Logan walked over to the piano and started playing Scott Joplin piano rags perfectly. When I heard what he wrote himself, I was even more amazed. Subsequent conversations with him made me realize that there may be geniuses all around us, and it's important to support and encourage them to do what they do best: amaze, entertain, enlighten and provide sheer fun--before they're gone.

Oh Logan, what a loss for all of us.

Mary Skevos, Petaluma

Like We Wouldn't Print This

I want to thank you for printing Peter Byrne's investigation of Dianne Feinstein ("Senator Warbucks," Jan. 24). It's refreshing to find such boldness in a county with so many cowardly journalists.

The North Bay Bohemian recently promoted a talk by author Antonia Juhasz. She was speaking on the continuing connection between oil and the war on Iraq. I asked the Press Democrat to print a column Juhasz had written on the subject. Alas, there was no room.

I pointed out that the real reason behind the war might be important. Alas, there was no room. I pointed out that, as long as so many were killing and dying on the other side of the globe, we might want to discuss the reason. Alas, there was no room. I pointed out that the Bush administration, the Iraq Study Group and Hillary Clinton were all demanding the oil, and that it was the job of an editorial page to draw the connections. Alas, there was no room.

Then, in a column, a PD editor wrote, "We do provide . . . a necessary service. We are the watchdogs of government for a society too busy." I asked this editor about the important "war for oil" story. He said there was "room for improvement," but, alas, for this "watchdog" there was no room for the story.

Thank you for making room for important stories.

Susan C. Lamont, Santa Rosa

Fathers and Frescoes First

My thanks to Bruce Robinson and the Bohemian for the excellent article on the fresco painting that is going on here at St. Seraphim Orthodox Church ("Prophet Motifs," Jan. 31). Just one minor correction: I have been the pastor here only since 1999, rather than since 1985, as the article stated. It was my predecessors who made the current painting program possible.

Fr. Lawrence Margitich, Santa Rosa

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