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February 21-26, 2007

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On the Air

By Patricia Lynn Henley

Fed up with plastic-tasting fast food or frozen meals that include everything but taste? Prefer to buy locally, and to know how your food is processed? Want your food choices to be good tasting, good for you and good for the environment and economy? Listen to short but illuminating presentations on the principles and concerns underlying the Slow Food movement in a four-day, four-part series from 7am to 7:15am starting Tuesday, Feb. 27, on Sonoma County radio KRSH 95.9-FM (also online at

"This is a way for us to let the public know that there is an organization working on sustainable-food issues and connecting people with the farmers who are producing their food," explains Laura Martin, co-leader of the Russian River Slow Food Conviviums. She's also the wife of Larry Martin, governor for seven NorCal Slow Food Conviviums and the radio series' first speaker. He'll give an overview of the Slow Food movement, and why people should care about what they eat. Laura adds, "There are a lot of people who may be living the values of Slow Food without knowing there's a Slow Food organization or what it does. The radio series allows us to reach out beyond our general membership."

Daniel Imhoff, author of The Food Fight--A Citizen's Guide to the Farm Bill, will be featured on Wednesday, Feb. 28, discussing the crucial federal legislation that has widespread impact on our food, health and environment. He'll be followed on Thursday, March 1, by Mendocino County rancher and grass-fed meat distributor Mac Magruder, whose topic will be "Slaughterhouse Hoo-hah." The radio series wraps up on Friday, March 2, with Rick Theis, founder of the Institute for Ecology and the Economy. A long-time Slow Food leader and environmentalist, Theis will discuss slow food and sustainability--activism, consumerism and environmentalism.

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