February 28-March 6, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Damn straight

"Michael R. Klein Responds" (Letters, Feb. 7) mentions "inaccuracies" but no actual instance of wrong information in Peter Byrne's story, "Senator Warbucks" (Jan. 24) or "Daddy Kleinbucks" (The Byrne Report, Jan. 31).

Michael Klein, in the middle of his long letter, claims only that Dianne's senatorial support didn't, to her knowledge, "specifically" benefit either of her husband's defense-contracting firms.

If attorney Klein had found an inaccuracy, he wouldn't have written a letter to the editor.

He'd have demanded a retraction.

Dave Canfield, San Jose

Not from her mom, promise

What an excellent article Hannah Strom-Martin wrote regarding movie costumes and all the nuances that go with the designs ("Costuming Passion," Feb. 21). Hannah's breadth of knowledge on the subject was more than extensive and her eloquent literary expression and description painted glorious scenes in one's mind of the costumes, even if the movies mentioned had not been seen previously. After reading her article, I will certainly follow the Oscar nominations for best costumes. I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style and will continue to follow her articles. Keep them coming!

Jann Munn, Oakland

Helping Christian Carlos

We all hear of terrible news stories that grab our attention for a day or two, but then the tide of our busy lives carries us forward and we forget. But I would like to call attention to a worthy cause: an online charitable art auction to benefit Christian Flores Carlos. You may remember Christian was severely injured on Highway 101 in a January car accident that killed his mother, grandmother, brother and two aunts.

Sonoma County residents and others as far away as Australia have donated fine art and handmade items for an eBay auction ending Sunday, March 4. One hundred percent of monies raised will benefit the Edith Carlos Medina Memorial Fund, as listing fees will also be paid by generous donors. Please visit to view photos of the donations. You can find links to the live auction for each item in order to bid, as well as the address to mail any cash donations.

Thank you to the Bohemian for being such a good community member.

Claire Green, Santa Rosa

Simplicity of public shame

Because DUI is such a problem in all communities, there is a constant search for some method of intervention that would keep a drunk from getting behind the wheel when he should probably call a cab. I believe every potential deterrent should be given a good look, and this one might be right up your alley and who know's, may even increase your circulation.

The community I am from in Ohio had a weekly newspaper that printed the names of all of those arrested for drunk driving in the previous week from the areas it had circulation. Many of us went straight to that page when we received our paper to see if someone we knew was unlucky enough to have been arrested for DUI.

Amazingly, to some people, the thought that their name may appear in the paper is more devastating than the fact they might kill themselves or others in a drunken accident. In the warped mind of some drunks, the possibility of seeing their name in the paper would only confirm what their spouses, friends and employers have probably been telling them about their drinking problem. Always vigilant, however, the clever drunk will find numerous ways to avoid discovery of an embarrassing incident. Most will claim and fully believe they are the best drivers, the best lovers, you name it; they are world-class experts.

Armed with this huge ego they above all don't want the world to see what might be a chink in their armor. The possible appearance of their name in that column might be just that chink and, who knows, they may even become reasonable about accepting a ride home or calling a cab. Strange birds, these drunks--they don't think like anyone else because, above all, they need to deny their drinking is a problem for anyone, including themselves.

How do I know about this reaction? I was a practicing drunk in that Ohio town for a long time, until I got lucky and sober over 30 years ago.

Whitey Broughton, Sebastopol

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