April 25-May 1, 2007

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Letters to the Editor

Another view

I am thrilled that this week the United States Supreme Court upheld the partial-birth abortion ban. It sickens me to think that sucking out a child's brains at birth was ever considered an option. I'm only 26, and the future state of society is looking black--with even my own State Assembly member Patty Berg trying to legalize something like physician-assisted suicide. I am profoundly thankful that finally somewhere human life is being valued.

Noelle Magnell, Occidental

Palm reading

As a longtime employee of Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol, I wish to reassure the residents of west Sonoma County that Palm Drive Hospital is open every day around the clock, and we continue to give excellent care to our patients. We are not lacking in staff or supplies. As a longtime medical/surgical nurse, I see no difference in the quality of patient care that would be attributable to our current financial difficulties.

I know many of you are concerned about the possibility of Palm Drive closing, but I assure you that is not the intention of anyone involved with the hospital. In my 17 years here, there have been many changes and a few crises. Because of the dedication and support of the staff, physicians, volunteers and residents of west Sonoma County, we have stayed open, and we will remain open. The best way to keep Palm Drive open is to use it.

Nancy Kesselring, R.N., Graton

The other michael

The eater-reader review of Rafters (First Bite, April 18) was enjoyable. At first, I thought I'd written it. I'd just been to Rafters for the first time, had a pint of amber and the chicken pesto pizza--exactly the same as writer Michael Shapiro. And my name is Michael! But I'd like to correct a flawed statement in the other Michael's conclusion. There's an equally excellent Marin spot where you can "have a big plate and a pint in a comfortable room for under $20." Check out Iron Springs Pub and Brewery in Fairfax. It never disappoints.

Michael F. MccAuley, Woodacre

Different dictionary?

Peter Byrne's recent column termed the recent police actions "homicides" (The Byrne Report, "Killed Again," April 18). Given that these incidents are under investigation and the facts are unknown, this wording is misleading, inflammatory and libelous. Unfortunately, this is what we've come to expect from Peter's "journalism." Perhaps a refresher course in ethics would assist him in this unfamiliar area.

Andrew Haynes, Petaluma

Homicide, n.: The killing of one human being by another human being.

Thou Shalt Not Steal

I was upset to read Gabe Meline say that there is little morally wrong with stealing from the Tax Board or PG&E ("Not What It Seems," April 4). I know the statement is meant to be taken lightly, but unfortunately far too many people are looking for just this type of justification for stealing. I'd like to take a moment to follow through on this scenario. PG&E does not sit by when profits fall, they raise rates. So guess what happens when others don't pay their bills?

The big companies don't suffer, they pass it down to those of us who do pay our bills. So just remember: When you think you are being some noble rebel, you are only stealing from your neighbors.

Kathleen Ward, Sebastopol

Dept. of Corrections

In our "Odds and Sods" three-dot round up in the recent Spring Lit issue (April 11), we made quite a bit of hay with the faktz surrounding the Word Temple poetry series recently picked up by KRCB 91.1-FM and, yes indeed, still playing live and in-person at Copperfield's Books. While we asserted that the series had previously been monthly, organizer Katherine Hastings politely reminds that it's a twice-monthly affair. While we asserted that all poetic lisps from the Temple series were now for your ears only, Hastings kindly directs us to our own calendar, which--for small example--has Jack and Adelle Foley reading for the slate with Jacqueline Kudler this Friday, April 27, at Copperfield's in Montgomery Village. It does appear, however, that we spelled the words "word" and "temple" correctly, and for that we are quietly grateful. Many apologies in iambic and otherwise.

The Ed., too restless for poetry, too sleepy for prose

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