June 21-27, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Nonconspiracy Patriotism

Your feature on the critically important work of David Ray Griffin ("Unquestioned Answers," June 14) was fantastic! Griffin's case for U.S. government complicity in, if not masterminding of, the attacks of Sept. 11 should be read by all American citizens. The official story, which he definitively exposes as lies from beginning to end, is the basis of the aggressive attacks on innocent people abroad and on privacy and civil liberties in the U.S.

Writer Steve Bhaerman's story provides a fair and up-to-date summary of Griffin's groundbreaking work. The publication of your excellent article was a truly patriotic act. Thank you!

Tod Fletcher

Just a Step Above Xerox

Thank you for printing ["Unquestioned Answers"]. Too bad more mainstream media still lack the courage. Still, seeing it in the Bohemian is a step in the right direction from smudgy Xerox handouts. Where next? Maybe the Nation magazine. Dare we hope for the Press Democrat, the New York Times? Pretty funny, but hope does spring eternal . . .

Geoffrey Levens

Power of Fear

I have been unconvinced by the "official" story from the beginning, especially when no planes were scrambled.

During this administration, there have been such scare tactics as the clearly contrived anthrax attacks (which led back to a source in the U.S.), warnings that the Golden Gate Bridge might be attacked, red alerts and more--all to keep people in fear so as to pass draconian laws and to attack oil-rich countries. I was especially appalled when the government declared the air around the Twin Towers safe for workers who did not even have protective gear and are now suffering for it.

I hope more and more people will have the courage to come out and tell the truth.

Patricia Waters

Question Authority

Steve Bhaerman's article about 9-11 being an inside job merits comment. In the article, it mentions that people who question the official story have their sanity questioned. This is often true.

It would also be wrong. Questioning the government is part of what being a good citizen is all about, even in matters such as this.

I believe that there are some parts of the official explanation of 9-11 that are not plausible. I believe that some part of our government was involved.

For those wondering if that thought is irrational, I want to say that it appears to be the most rational explanation.

Robert E. Griffin, Psychologist
Forty Fort, Pennsylvania

Twin Ratholes

Rod Wallace's contention (Letters, June 14) that Republicans do as much for the poor through donations as Democrats do through the public sector is utterly baseless.

Government aid dwarfs private aid, and virtually every government program that helps the poor was created and has been protected by the Democrats, while being opposed and gutted by Republicans, who are ever eager to deprive the needy and drain taxpayer dollars down the twin ratholes of defense spending and tax cuts for multimillionaires.

Mr. Wallace is correct that some small percentage of Republicans give to charity, but no hard evidence has ever been produced to show that these donations approach the resources channeled through government. Such a study is about as likely to appear as a prime-time interview with the tooth fairy.

Dan Benbow
San Francisco

Thoughts and Applause

Steve Bhaerman's story on Dr. David Ray Griffin has prompted more reader mail than we've received in the last three years on any one topic. The suggestion is appalling. Conspiracy nuts aren't interesting. But retired ministers who concern themselves with the philosophical nature of evil remain fascinating. Thanks to all the many who have weighed in.

In news less weighty but nonetheless well worth sharing, we wish to offer hearty congratulations to freelance contributor Ella Lawrence. Ella won an award for her food writing at this year's Association of Alternative Newsweeklies convention, held last week in Little Rock, Ark.

Pitted against writers for publications our size across the United States and Canada, Ella held court with "Bistro Incognito," "As the Creek Dries" and "Biodynamic Berries," essays published in these pages last year. AAN awards are prestigious and difficult to achieve. The Bohemian is proud to have earned at least one every year in recent memory, and we're proud that Ella's excellence has been thoughtfully recognized.

The Ed.
Blonde Hills and Blue Skies

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