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July 26-August 1, 2006

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Arcadia 2006:
Bo Bo Ga Ga--welcome to Arcadia! | Community supported agriculture. So tasty, too. | Loving up the love apple. | At your service, our evil little guide to typecasting the staff. | Cooking school confidential: A recipe for fun. | Finnegan's Marin in Novato | Road food | Five summer fruits | Township terroir: Sense of taste, sense of place. | Sole food: Art walks, hikes and foot-forward outings. | Through a glass lightly--wine bars rage in the North Bay. | Far Niente Winery | Schug Carneros Estate Winery | Owl Ridge Wines

Close by Web

Who needs the whole world when the Bay Area is close at hand?

Compiled by Gretchen Giles

The North Bay quite usually completes, fulfills, anticipates and--indeed!--ends all of our desires. But there occasionally arises the need to travel outside of our gold-tinged boundaries to experience a small sliver of art, dance, theater, music or song elsewhere. It simply can't be helped. That's why we did that roundup web-addie thing that journalists hate to do. Just for you, dear reader. Just for you. Tip-toe forth from the gold-tinged, and prosper. Just be sure to hurry back.

San Francisco
Asian Art Museum
California Academy of Sciences
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
The Legion of Honor
M. H. De Young Memorial Museum
San Francisco Ballet
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco Opera
San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
San Francisco Symphony

East Bay
Berkeley Art Museum
Chabot Space & Science Center
Lawrence Hall of Science
Oakland Ballet
Oakland Museum of California

California African American Museum
Sacramento Opera
Sacramento Performing Arts Center
Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra
San Jose Museum of Art

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