July 26-August 1, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Why we love resto reviews: Pt. II

Thanks for turning me on to Hatam, the Persian restaurant in San Rafael (First Bite, June 28). A day after reading your review, two friends and I stopped in for lunch. We enjoyed the delicious food, peaceful atmosphere, and the uncommonly gracious and hospitable proprietor. What an oasis on a hot Saturday afternoon! The scent of Persian basil lingers . . . .

Karl Frederick, Sebastopol

We have never before received a thank you for a restaurant review. Never. Ever. Thank you, Karl!

Dress UP Your Man

I loved the Lyle Lovett article by Gretchen Giles ("Man of My Dreams," July 12). I especially liked the dream sequence and how she wove it in to the present, real life interview. I, too, am a Lyle fan, so I understand her attachment to both the blond-haired little boy and the entertainer. How nice that Halloween gives us a chance to live out our dreams.

Jackie Parker, Sonoma

Far from the Battlefield

As an avid reader of the Bohemian, I was able to read both [The Byrne Report, "Baby Killers," June 14; and Letters, "Attn: Bill O'Reilly--Despicable," July 12]. The former did come across as harsh in view of the atrocities that our soldiers witness on a daily basis and the extremely stressful lifestyle that they must endure. However, Walter Pazik of "Despicable" should do some more research before launching an irrational attack that was as unprepared as our entry into Iraq and now Iran.

While every account of the battlefield is different and our news broadcasters only tell half of the story, I have heard only violently negative accounts from many first-hand sources. The reports of the premeditated slaughter of innocents does not surprise me after hearing accounts of soldiers throwing grenades into houses for fun and of singing the theme song to the Chili's baby-back ribs commercial when seeing the charred remains of children's bodies. While I do not approve of these actions, I find myself hard-pressed to blame our soldiers, who were never prepared for what they would face. We at home, far from the battlefield, could never completely understand the daily fear, chaos and anger these men feel.

After all, when their training focuses on hard-wiring the impulse to kill and destroy, how do they know when to stop? I fear for my friends who count down the days until they are next deployed back to that hellish war zone, and for those who have yet to return from it. Our soldiers' sanity seems to be rarely taken into account. What good is bringing back their bodies if their minds remain behind? We have on our hands what our grandchildren will recall as the second Vietnam. It would be prudent to examine not only the afteraffects of that war on the its country, but especially upon our armed forces.

Fae Kichinka, Santa Rosa

Northern drought

Quick, send the OWL Foundation to Cloverdale ("Where's the Water?" July 19)! The geniuses who run this town's government have imposed mandatory water rationing, to begin Aug. 1. Cloverdale is the only town in Sonoma County that lacks a growth boundary. Unchecked development suddenly resulted in water demand that exceeds supply from the town's three wells. Landscape watering is allowed only three days a week. Cloverdale's blazing summers will mean that residents' yards will turn brown and die. The town's council has plans for a golf course, which will chew up all kinds of water.

Phil Ratcliff, Cloverdale

Bitter? Oh yes indeedy

Regarding "Who's Your Daddy?" (July 19): Four years ago, when I was in a stage-four cancer bout, my ex-wife's youngest child, 30 at the time, visited me for the first time ever--with a DNA kit. I had always questioned her paternity, but had nonetheless paid child support for 18 years. Well, the test came back negative. Her mother finally admitted to indiscretions, and the girl met her real father at the age of 31. He's a bum in a band, can't even support himself, and her access to my legacy is out the window. Needless to say, I'm the bad guy. This exposed her mother for the slut she was and validated my presumptions. Men do not win in the paternity wars. Needless to say, the tens of thousands of dollars expended [on my wife's daughter] would have been better spent on women, booze and gambling.

Nick Tamiroff, Melbourne, Florida

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