August 9-15, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Not dead yet

I've just read the article, "Unquestioned Answers," by Steve Bhaerman (June 14). I'd like to thank you for being yet another outlet that is prepared to disseminate the obvious truths put forward by David Ray Griffin.

It's also extremely interesting that this month (August 2006) Vanity Fair has published a piece on the 9-11 documentary Loose Change, and that even C-Span has just covered the 9-11 Truth American Scholars Symposium Conference.

The story isn't exactly dying on its feet, is it?

Thanks again.

John Watson, Valencia, Spain

lean and potable, please

H. R. Downs ("Where's the Water?" July 19) is a local pioneer for water conservation, but even Downs and the feds are not strict enough in their assessment. Even before our water supplies get low, they will become turbid and unusable for human consumption. Rohnert Park and the Sonoma County Water Agency need to be reined in by the voters of this county. Otherwise they will (as they have in the past) "sell" our water to the 10 or 12 developers that apparently hold more votes than the citizens of Sonoma County. I am not against development, but we need to put the priorities of the people who live here now over the profit of the developers who will move their operation when things get bad. We, on the other hand, will have to remain in our community to clean up their mess. You cannot live without clean, usable water.

John Bidleman, Sebastopol

Mourning person

Saturday morning, I was rousted out of bed in my residential neighborhood at 7am by the sound of three large tractors grinding up the dirt and gravel road some 50 feet from my bedroom, their backup lights beeping in the still morning air. This is not unusual. Construction has often been carried out at this site early in the morning on weekends through to dusk. I was told by the county when construction began on this area some six years ago that agriculture and construction are exempt from noise restrictions, whether on weekdays, weekends, mornings or evenings. There are no ordinances or regulations that cover them. Why is this?

I'd appreciate someone explaining to me why a person, company or corporation is allowed to disregard early morning, evening or weekend considerations. Neighbors may wish to sleep fully or waken peacefully; recover from the noise and busyness of the day or the week; use their patios for a quiet evening with friends--all without undue noise and choking on dust.

Is there a solution? Am I alone in hoping?

Terry Popp, Santa Rosa

Fools on the Hill?

Maybe those who occupy space on the "Hill" wouldn't bat an eye if an American flag was set aflame as long as there were an Iraqi insurgent wrapped up in Old Glory.

Bring 'em home, and let's all become patriots with a purpose.

Theresa M. Schulz, Glen Ellen

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