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High Art

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'The Things We Forget,' features two well-known artists with strong ties to the Bay Area exploring how light and color affect perception.

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Culture For Kids

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A new performing arts school is opening in Palo Alto.

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Moving On Up

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The award-winning Pear Avenue Theatre will soon have a new name and a new home.

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Time and Again

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The Pear Avenue Theatre's 'Arcadia' jumps between intertwined eras to tell an intricate story.

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Musical Menagerie

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Santa Clara Players have fun with Tom Lehrer's satirical songs in 'Tomfoolery.'

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Positively Electric

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Vintage Electric's E-Tracker features a battery-powered motor, which can propel the bike up to 25 mph.

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Here Comes The Pain

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Trevino and his roster of unhinged combatants are preparing to do battle in their new downtown home.

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Into The Woods

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New exhibit, 'Natural Selection,' contemplates intersection of civilization and nature.

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New Illusions

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'The Illusionists' brings cutting-edge magic to San Jose.

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Shattering Expectations

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'A Fragile Narrative' proves that glass is more than decor.

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Love, Hate, Honey

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A battered wife plans a sticky, gruesome end for her husband in 'Exit, Pursued by a Bear.'

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Glass House

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‘SPECTRUM’ explores the incredible possibilities of an underrated medium.

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Blackened Beauty

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The work of of Jaime Lakatos, now on display at Empire Seven Studios, explores nature's perseverance in the face of destruction and disaster.

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Art In The ‘Open’

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Silicon Valley Open Studios encourages getting up close and personal with local painters, photographers and sculptors.

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Comics For Everybody

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A 'Bob's Burger's' comic will be available at every comic book store participating in Free Comic Book Day.

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State Of The Art

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The New Museum Los Gatos to explore the intersection of art and history.

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Meditations in Steel

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'Brian Wall: Squaring the Circle,' features recent work from veteran sculptor.

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Love Songs

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Based on the Oscar-winning film of the same name, 'Once' the musical tells the story of two musicians falling in love.

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The Tabard Theatre's 'Violet' is a rousing spiritual journey in song.

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American ‘Death’

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Written in 1949, 'Death of a Salesman' remains as resonant today as ever.

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