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By a Thread

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San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles faces a budget shortfall that could see its doors close.

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The art at Studio-Bongiorno is created to spur all forms of creativity.

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Hedda Games

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Hedda Gabler isn't sure what to make of the attentions of Judge Brack.

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Irish Screens

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Four terrific films and a fine TV show are a great way to get started on St. Patrick's Day.

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Orchard Oracle

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Local poet Chad Hall pays homage to Bukowski while seeking to find his own voice.

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It Computes

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San Jose Super Toy, Comic and Collectible Show.

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Laptop Dancer

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Music professor Bruno Ruviaro wants to bust musical grooves and create SCU's first laptop orchestra.

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Sperry Station Fills Up

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The historic San Jose building has been refurbished and houses galleries and artisans.

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South First Friday

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This installment of South First Friday comes with some new wrinkles.

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Butler in Chief

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James Creer stars as Alonzo Fields in Tabard's 'Looking Over the President's Shoulder.'

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Egyptian Traveler

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Dotty Attie's work takes apart and reassembles 19th-century visions of the East.

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Free Wheeling

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'Concrete Thread,' a skating-influenced showcase of works.

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Paint It ‘Red’

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Painter Mark Rothko spends much of 'Red' confronting aesthetic dilemmas.

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Making Book

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A first edition in the dust jacket of Henry Roth's 'Call It Sleep' is one of the many treasures at the Book Fair.

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Identity Crisis Cutups

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Lauren Yee's provocatively titled Ching Chong Chinaman is making its San Jose debut at City Lights Theater.

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KSJS Turns 50

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KSJS has been experimenting with new sounds for 50 years.

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Clay Trippers

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The medium is the malleable message in the hands of clay artists at de Saisset Museum.

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Friday Night Art Lights

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South First Fridays returns for its eighth year on Feb 1.

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Dern Good

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On HBO's Enlightened, Laura Dern creates a complex anti-heroine with flaring emotions.

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Defining Normal

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Madness has been a prominent theme in drama as far back as the Greek tragedies.

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