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Power Dynamics

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Excellent casting and innovative set design help ratchet up tension in ‘Frost/Nixon.’

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Visual Identity

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‘Muxeres Rising’ at MACLA grapples with issues of culture and gender fluidity.

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Shadow Work

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‘Tender Exchanges’ at the SJICA uses light and its absence to pull viewers in.

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Amoeba Arts

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New SJICA exhibit, ‘Primordial Soup,’ explores the origins of organic life.

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Truly Inspired

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NUMU’s new show, ‘Circle of Truth,’ works like a Rorschach test for artists.

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Surreal Remix

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Artist Eduardo Carrillo takes indigenous, mystical approach to classical tropes.

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California artist Joe De Yong made a name for himself painting cowboys.

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Breaking Out

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Stanford’s ‘Spotlight on Elizabeth Murray’ looks back on an artist unconstrained.

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‘Joy!’ to the World

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Tandy Beal’s ‘Joy!’ features circus acts, dancing and physical comedy.

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Perfect little world

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‘Life and Death’ is the floral centerpiece of teamLab’s exhibit at Pace Palo Alto.

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By the Book

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Artist unfurls Moby-worthy classic at  Institute of Contemporary Art exhibit.

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The Yarn of War

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Nathan Vincent’s wool-and-foam soldiers subvert gender norms by creating figures associated with masculinity out of something traditionally considered a feminine craft.

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More Human

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Philosopher Tobias Rees raises a question everyone thinks is already settled.

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Of Myth & Memory

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Neil Gaiman’s work is powerful, both in its harnessing of myth and its empathy toward the human condition.

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Hoofing It

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Artists discover beauty in banality at SJMA’s ‘Other Walks, Other Lines.’

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Clean Verse

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San Jose’s Litter-ature Project aims to inspire young poets and remind the community to keep things clean.

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‘Interview with a Mexican’ brings Gustavo Arellano’s column to the stage.

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Light ’Em Up

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Installation collection, ‘Stories in Light,’ illuminates the Montalvo Arts Center.

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Pivotal Moves

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Ballet Folklorico de Mexico celebrates tradition, mythology and history.

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Warhol & Chill

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New Cantor Arts exhibit offers online component for bingeing on pop art.

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