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Moon Shot

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The surprise success of Andy Weir’s first novel, ‘The Martian,’ stunned the author. He pushed himself even further with his follow-up, ‘Artemis’

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Bad Life Choices

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Drug-fueled parties. Forced labor. Shocking allegations shut down a San Jose rehab center—but the operators dispute the charges and are back in business.

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Players Ball

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The award-winning theater company CMT San Jose remains young at heart after a half-century of cultivating the next wave of performers.

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Forget Amazon

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A holiday give guide to woo every artist, engineer, budding entrepreneur and weed wonk.

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Trimming Down, Shaping Up

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With a new album pending, The Trims are in fighting form and ready to make the leap.

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Missing Freedom

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When people fall off of the face of the earth, inalienable rights and legal restrictions can make it nearly impossible for friends and family to find them.

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Future Brain

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Stanford scientists explore new frontiers in the growing interdependency of advanced computing and the human mind.

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Restaurant Reanimator

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Maurice Carrubba takes the Warren Buffett approach to resurrecting legacy brands and making them new again.

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All Hail the King

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A genuinely unique character, King Patrick is on a mission to create a new band of merry pranksters.

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Getting Rolled

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Wine industry icon among many concerned about state regulations, corporate interest spoiling boutique cannabis culture.

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Make or Break

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Sharks whiz kid Tomas Hertl sets sights on regaining path to stardom.

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Derf’s Mind

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John ‘Derf’ Backderf, a childhood friend  of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has spent hislife turning the grotesque into beloved cartoons.

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Get Higher

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Our writer attempts to be the first to hike the new public trail to Mount Umunhum, the South Bay’s highest peak.

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Rising Coasts

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Gary Griggs’ new book ‘Coasts in Crisis’ exposes the fragile state of the Earth’s shorelines—and why their future depends on us.

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How the Mighty Has Risen

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Mighty Mike McGee, the valley’s premier spoken word poet and emcee, might just prove that nice guys can finish first.

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Rising Up

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The playhouses, stages, music venues and theaters that keep the valley's performing arts alive.

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Just a Piece

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A beloved pizzeria slices up its ownership and cuts employees in.

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The King of Funk

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George Clinton brings his freaky, Afrofuturistic vision to SJZ Summer Fest.

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Towering Ambitions

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Can San Jose rebuild its iconic light tower, visually brand itself and break the curse of century of mediocre architecture?

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Nobody Speak

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Netflix documentary connects the dots regarding attacks on a free press—and they lead back to the valley.

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