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Fictional truth

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In an age of fake news and ???alternative??? facts, novels like??Nathan Hill???s ???The Nix??? strike a chord.

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Highbrow Hip-Hop

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Pop culture fuses with high art in bid to reinvigorate opera.

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The Laugh Track

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Jeff Kramer’s longshot bid to bring improv to Silicon Valley pays off in a world championship anniversary party.

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Let it go, Let it go

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The valley’s tech visionaries intend to outlive most of us—but how they’ve decided to invest their time and money speaks  volumes about the future.

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Waiting to Exile?

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Proposed Googleplex has San Jose officials seeing dollar signs while residents, local businesses suspect the end is nigh.

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Drink Well

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A guide to drinking well this summer.

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Legends of Surf

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The remarkable story of how three Hawaiian princes introduced surfing to the mainland.

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The War Years

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Viet Thanh Nguyen breaks down the dual life of refugees, winning a Pulitzer and how he made peace with San Jose.

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Summer Guide 2017

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The groove's still electric fifty years after 1967's Summer of Love.

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Flare for the Autocratic

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How the Silicon Valley internet company Cloudflare made racist online websites faster than the speed of reason.

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Cumbia de Mayo

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An irresistibly danceable mix fuses punk and hip-hop to traditional Latin American beats.

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Spring Dining

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The rain gods smiled upon us and spring’s bounty is here. Now it’s time to celebrate farmers, their fat fruits and veggies and the brunches that are welcome to go bottomless.

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Make It So

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Comic Con beams into Silicon Valley just in time for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 30th birthday.

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Can We Help You?

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Experts sound off on 50 pressing questions regarding the state of marijuana in California.

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Secret Agent Woman

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How the pacifist daughter of a famed Sufi mystic became a Nazi-battling British spy.

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The Best of Silicon Valley 2017

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This issue celebrates the best of Silicon Valley—a product of American ingenuity, California sunshine and the world's most optimally diversified genome stew.

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Munch Madness

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16 food trucks enter—only one can be crowned champion.

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Resistance is Fertile

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The revolution is being televised, tweeted, tattooed and Instagrammed by these South Bay artists and activists.

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How tens of thousands of homes in San Jose were evacuated due to heavy flooding and a tragic comedy of errors.

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Being There

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With new focus on VR, Cinequest aims to spark imagination and transport viewers.

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