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A Football Life

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Nate Jackson’s memoir, Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile, is so good it makes me ill.

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The Party’s Over

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Post-holidays, theaters go dark in a whole different way.

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Year in Review

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While the NSA poked through the contents of the nation's email accounts and the FBI peeped through webcams, most everyone was already watching themselves on their own cellphone screens, shooting selfies.

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Party City

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Break out the Champagne, the noisemakers-and if you’ve had enough Champagne-the stupid hats.

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The Organ Trail

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New advances in bioengineering will one day give us 3D-printed livers, kidneys and hearts—with impacts on pharmaceuticals, surgery and more.

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Cool Cats

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Felines go viral on net. Make more money than their owners.

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Frenemy Combatants

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Former allies Apple and Google got along just fine, until a smartphone came between them.

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Holiday Gift Guide

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Time—no way to slow it down or capture it, but the holidays offer many options for making a gift of it.

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Dirty politics won in 2010, when East Side’s Shirakawa-Campos axis fended off a challenger, leaving behind a trail of DNA and suspicious cash transfers.

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Mike’s Stand

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Silicon Valley’s fun-loving Congressman Mike Honda has to get serious if he wants to hold on to his seat.

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Revolutionary Glamour

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Alberto Korda practiced with models before turning Che Guevara into a fashion statement.

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Halloween Guide

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A frightful range of options for a freaky Halloween.

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Now, The Book

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'Manresa: An Edible Reflection' is a love letter to a region, expressed through the language of food.

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Future Here

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Mohammad Gorjestani's short, futuristic fiction about immigrants caught in a cyberwar has done well on the festival circuit. Now the filmmaker aims to make his feature length film debut in San Jose.

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Rock Star Geniuses

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A look at some of C2SV's most memorable moments.

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job

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It took Stooges guitarist James Williamson a long time to become an overnight rock legend.

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Brain Games

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Silicon Valley founding father Nolan Bushnell advocates taking an unorthodox approach.

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Point Guy

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Jeff Stibel thinks the Internet has hit its limits. That's not necessarily a bad thing

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Silicon Valley Fall Arts Preview 2013

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Send the Bill

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After turning around troubled expansion projects for San Jose's airport and convention center, Bill Sherry draws up some  new plans: retirement.

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