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Love Bites

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Sans kimono and fangs, San Jose's Kung Fu Vampire wants fans to listen to the music, not just revel in the spectacle.

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Holiday Gift Guide

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Metro's gift guide skews heavily to the local.

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Undercover Chef

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A local chef combs the valley for culinary discoveries after most kitchens are closed.

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The Lost Reel World

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Digital projection is here to stay, but what are we giving up when we abandon a century of celluloid?

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George’s Tab

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Board of Supervisors prez faked reports to hide expensive dinners charged to cash-strapped county.

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Pushing the Envelope

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'Netflixed' chronicles the behind-the-scenes story of Netflix's founding, the company's amazing success, its role in crushing video-rental behemoths, and the Qwikster debacle that destroyed most of the company's market value.

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Around the World in Eight Days

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Silicon Valley Restaurant Week paints a nuanced culinary portrait of the valley.

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As a young Mormon bishop, Mitt Romney counseled women against abortion—even against their doctor's advice. He may not be as moderate as he makes himself out to be.

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Enduring The Queen

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San Jose-bound Madonna's enduring career proves that even irony can be ironic.

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Generous George

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Santa Clara County's top elected official raised money to run for office but used it to go to Reno and hire his daughters and an ex-girlfriend. Then he stopped filing campaign reports. Yes, that's against the law.

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Silicon Valley Sound Experience

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The Silicon Valley Sound is real.

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Zero1 Takes Off

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The Biennial Guide.

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The Blue Sky Days

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San Jose spent more than a billion dollars to build a downtown that looks better but whose economic vitality didn't survive the subsidies.

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Mad About the Actor

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In town for San Jose Rep’s new production, Vincent Kartheiser talks about the scariest art of all—acting.

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Student Loan Debt

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Student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt in the United States, with job prospects bleak even for graduates with degrees. As defaults increase, can anything be done?

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Novel Reporter

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From newspapers to high-tech, author Greg Bardsley has turned his insider's knowledge of Silicon Valley into a satirical romp.

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Summer Fest

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San Jose Jazz explores fresh musical frontiers for its weekend festival.

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Farm to Table

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Love Apple Farms redefines the relationship between chef and supplier.

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Boy Wondo

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Bay Area native Chris Wondolowski keeps beating the odds, one goal at a time.

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Beer Here! Now!

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In our second annual beer issue, we raise a glass to celebrate the arrival of craft brew in Silicon Valley.

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