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Be There Again

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In 1967 Bill Craddock wrote a coming-of-age novel for the psychedelic generation. Eight years after his death, it has reemerged from obscurity.

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Groening Pull

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After 32 years of existential fun, Matt Groening says goodbye to his seminal comic strip, Life in Hell.

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The Fee Party

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The bailout wasn't enough for the big banks; they're collecting $29.5 billion in overdraft fees, too.

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Genre-Bending Beatsmiths

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Jonti and Sonnymoon headline a show with forward-thinking, sometimes nearly unclassifiable electro and hip-hop acts.

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Silicon Valley Bars and Clubs 2012

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The South Bay Bars and Clubs scene remains robust and hopeful, with major new clubs opening in just the last few months.

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The Futurist

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David Brin explores the fluid boundaries between human, alien and artificial intelligence-an excerpt from Existence.

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Our First Rock-God President

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San Jose Stage Company reanimates American history with ambitious emo-rock musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson-and kicks off a strong summer theater season in the valley.

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2012 Summer Guide

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Okay! We're ready. Fairs, festivals, concerts and fun stuff to fill up the smartphone schedule.

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New Age Nuts

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How the cult film 'Thrive' recycles some of the worst conservative canards.

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The Sex War

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How government and moralists on both ends of the political spectrum want to control what you do in bed.

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Caught in The M8trix

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A beautiful, new high rise casino is ready to deal. Is San Jose?

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Pushing the Palate

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In Silicon Valley, extreme tastes—from pigs’ feet to grasshoppers—are becoming the norm for daring diners.

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Man in Motion

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No genre could identify or confine Howard Hawks, the most underappreciated of golden-age Hollywood directors. A new retrospective at the Stanford Theatre aims to change things.

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The Bad Photo Bubble

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Why Zuck paid $1 billion for an app that takes pictures like a $15 camera.

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Still The Boss

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Springsteen's 'Wrecking Ball' captures the rage of a country battered and betrayed by the one percent.

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Best of Silicon Valley 2012

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OK, so print’s dying, but someone forgot to tell our readers. They cast more votes for more establishments in more categories than at any time in Metro’s history.

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The Magic Number

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3-D printing isn't just a pipe dream for a better tomorrow-it's happening today. And it may just change commercial enterprises forever.

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The Ballad Of Sam & Dave

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Two guys with similar backgrounds try different paths to the same office.

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Counting Kaufman

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A director explores the fluid nexus between history and myth.

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Star Machine

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George Aviet has an uncanny knack for picking Michelin-star chefs. And when they move on, they win even more stars. What's in his special sauce?

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