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Summer Guide 2011

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Metro's annual guide to everyone's favorite season: A look at upcoming concerts and plays, as well as local music, parks, museums and attractions.

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The Bee Team

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A rapidly growing number of Silicon Valley professionals have decided they want honeybees in their backyards. They’re part of a national trend that’s a mashup of the locavore, slow foods and DIY movements.

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Maker Faire

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From solar cars to animated sharks and underwater robots, the local tinkerers at the Maker Faire are part of a scientific/artistic DIY culture that is building the future from the ground up.

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Infinite Wisdom

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Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel R. Primack bring philosophy and astronomy together in their book 'The New Universe and the Human Future'—plus an excerpt from the book.

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Revolution App

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HotSpot Shield, a free program developed in Mountain View, has become a conduit to the free and open World Wide Web during the wave of revolution in the Middle east.

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