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Myth Universe

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As the theater world weighs its progress toward accessibility on the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled actress Katy Sullivan embodies womanhood in TheatreWorks' fantastical modern take on the Greek tale of Pandora.

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Blue’s Skews

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BlueLeaks hack reveals how SJPD was primed for overreaction to Black Lives Matter protests with bad information.

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Generation Kendrick

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A new book explains how Kendrick Lamar’s music became the soundtrack for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Stand Upload

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Bay Area comedians try to deliver laughs via laptop for an audience sheltering in place.

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‘A Different Beast’

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Santa Clara County gets a devastating welcome to the age of megafires.

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Auto Show

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From cult movies and comedy to Metallica concerts, drive-ins are back.

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Portrait of a Broken System

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A new book explains how artists got squeezed out of their livelihoods in the age of Big Tech.

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Question Mock

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John Waters tracks own his rise and fall in Hollywood while offering advice on everything under the sun in his new book 'Mr. Know-It-All.'

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Bath Times

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The Watergarden has been a cornerstone of gay culture in Silicon Valley since the 1970s, surviving homophobia, political shifts and the AIDS crisis—but not coronavirus.

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Fits and Sports

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As pro athletics attempt a comeback, the virus could come out on top.

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The Recovery Begins

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Independent businesses survive with support from their customers. They share their stories.

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Flash Black

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Fifteen Black-themed films you should’ve already seen.

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Tears of a Town

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San Jose deploys curfews, helicopters, tear gas, explosives and rubber bullets to quell protests and vandalism, and an officer disgraces the city by telling a protester to ‘shut up, bitch.’

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Stream Land

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When their shows were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, musicians and comedians started performing live online in unprecedented numbers—and have turned what was once a shoddy substitute for in-person concerts into an emerging art form.

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Silicon Valley Delivers

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Restaurants, Food Trucks and Cocktails-To-Go.

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The Fragments of Our Times

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For four decades, San Jose has sought to forge identity and culture from sprawl by investing in themed business districts and events. Those painstaking efforts to build communities, promote diversity and bring people together have unraveled in a tsunami of social distancing.

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1918: Our Pandemic Past

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Just like today, optimistic predictions and phony cures accompanied the Spanish flu as the pandemic made its deadly sweep through the Santa Clara Valley.

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Sheltered Children

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Locked down families reconnect on a deeper level.

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Freed Cocktails

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Your drink followed you home from the bar, and isn’t leaving.

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Cannabis and Chicanery

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No, marijuana does not cure the Covid virus.

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