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NYE2020: Go With The Flow

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A guide to a good NYE at the end of a bad year.

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Don’t Forget to Rewind

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In the new documentary ‘The Last Blockbuster,’ one tiny store takes a stand against the streaming revolution.

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Rent Check

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The South Bay faces a wave of evictions if protections for at-risk renters aren’t extended and improved.

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How Smokey the Bear Has Worsened Our Wildfire Problem

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Smokey the Bear's campaign to prevent forest fires worked a little too well for its own good.

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Finding An Opening

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Do you have to be crazy to open a new restaurant in the pandemic?

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The Holiday Season Gift Guide: The Pandemic Edition

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A pandemic-ready guide to holiday shopping.

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Street Hustle

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A new book collects Metro columnist Gary Singh's journeys through the backstreets of Silicon Valley.

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Fest Laid Plans

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Film Festivals are adapting to the pandemic by going virtual. Will audiences follow?

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Creeping It Real

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TV ghost hunter and San Jose native Nick Groff weighs in on Silicon Valley's most famous haunts.

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Winter is Coming

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In a dining economy that depends on outdoor seating, will local restaurants be ready?

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Measure of Uncertainty

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Prop. 13 has divided Californians for years. Supporters praise it for keeping homeowners in their homes. Opponents say it crippled schools and local governments. Prop. 15 offers the first significant property-tax reform in four decades—but not everyone thinks it will work.

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Racism in the Streets

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How Homelessness Became a Civil Rights Issue in the South Bay.

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Best Of Silicon Valley 2020

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The Best Of Silicon Valley 2020.

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Myth Universe

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As the theater world weighs its progress toward accessibility on the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled actress Katy Sullivan embodies womanhood in TheatreWorks' fantastical modern take on the Greek tale of Pandora.

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Blue’s Skews

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BlueLeaks hack reveals how SJPD was primed for overreaction to Black Lives Matter protests with bad information.

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Generation Kendrick

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A new book explains how Kendrick Lamar’s music became the soundtrack for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Stand Upload

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Bay Area comedians try to deliver laughs via laptop for an audience sheltering in place.

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‘A Different Beast’

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Santa Clara County gets a devastating welcome to the age of megafires.

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Auto Show

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From cult movies and comedy to Metallica concerts, drive-ins are back.

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Portrait of a Broken System

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A new book explains how artists got squeezed out of their livelihoods in the age of Big Tech.

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