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Seeing Is Believing

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With the help of AI-assisted video manipulation software, hackers, pornographers and state intelligence services are creating ‘deepfakes’—blurring the line between reality and fantasy.

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Summer Guide 2019

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Classic rock legends, alternative trailblazers and local artists grab the spotlight for three hot months in Silicon Valley.

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Your Call is Important to Us

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Jail call monitoring can be a valuable crime fighting tool. The county’s quiet push to give prosecutors expanded access to recorded inmate conversations has ignited a controversy over checks and balances in exploiting technology’s reach.

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hit me baby one more time

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As millennials hit middle age, they are pining for simpler times—and paying for a chance to relive the good old days.

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Disc Break

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Before Netflix, DVDs and even the VCR, LaserDiscs opened the door for viewing movies at home.

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SiliCan Valley

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A guide to Silicon Valley's rapidly expanding recreational cannabis scene.

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Totally Disrupted

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A former Google VP pens a barbed portrait of Silicon Valley run amok.

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Biting the Hand that Feeds

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Tech billionaires are giving away their fortunes almost as fast as they are making them, but a growing number of critics say big philanthropy deserves scrutiny before gratitude.

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Still Standing

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As he winds up a tour with Metallica, former South Bay skate-punk Joe Sib brings his stand-up act to The Ritz.

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Blood on the Hacks

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Is Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes Silicon Valley’s new celebrity villainess, or a product of our culture?

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The Shape of Film To Come

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The newly rebranded Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival looks to the future and honors the past.

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Escape from the Bay

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Boosted by tech companies and patronized by gamers, the escape room industry is growing fast in Silicon Valley.

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Broken Book

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From baby photos, puppies and long-lost uncles to a mass surveillance platform designed to monitor everyone’s behavior—how it all went wrong at Facebook.

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Generation Q

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Kids these days are constantly on their phones... and more educated about sex, consent and gender fluidity than ever before.

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Get Low

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A new exhibit at the King Library traces San Jose’s proud history of lowriding culture.

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Hand Crafted

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The School of Visual Philosophy swims upstream, carving out an  analog sanctuary in a digital age.

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Winter Arts 2019

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A guide to the Silicon Valley’s chillest concerts, exhibitions and live performances.

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Last Man Standing

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Al Hinkle (1926-2018).

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America's fiber optic network lags behind Asia and Europe—and that’s a big problem.

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Welcome to silicon valley

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An insider’s guide to cuisine, nightlife, arts and entertainment in the south bay.

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