Almost Famous

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Silicon Valley's Indian Food scene draws out Raj De Niro, a secret celebrity.


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High Jump

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A series of studies are finally busting the tired ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype.

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Dark Dispatch

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Bob Calhoun’s new book reflects on Silicon Valley’s place in the region’s gory history.

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Phone Home

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In the pages of a decades-old phone book is a family history discovered.


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Green Day

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Legal pot and 4/20 celebrations have gone from fringe to the Senate floor.

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Holy Diver

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Cocktail lounges have come and gone in San Jose, but some locales are forever.

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Get Hooked

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Bad-faith arguments take up the most space in the pot addiction debate.

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Pot of Gold

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Most 4/20 marketing is cheesy, but some are using the day for good.

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Shift Change

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A stout building on Santa Clara Street holds several chapters of San Jose’s past.

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The Vapors

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Vaping injuries have dipped, but safety is uncertain sans more research.

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Music Mile

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Revisiting the ghosts of a record shop-studded Blossom Hill and its Denny’s.

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Flower Buds

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Denizens of '60s jazz, The Flowers thrived with Silicon Valley icons of its time.


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Strained Law

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A federal loophole has made some cannabis products more available.

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No Vacancy

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The Fairmont may be temporarily shuttered, but for now its history lives on in reverie.

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Dude Abides

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Biden’s pot approach is more of the same, say cannabis advocates.

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Face Time

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A year into the pandemic, the way people connect is different, but it's not all bad.

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Green Thumb

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Cannabis shops can be scarce, but growing weed is easier than ever.

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Cloud Sounds

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I-dosing scared parents a decade ago, now they’re a target market.

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Victory Lap

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Remembering 20 years since the San Jose Earthquakes' worst-to-first comeback.


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Hot Seat

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A letter from two lawmakers asks Biden to keep his word on pot.

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