Quakes and Shakers

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In the mid- '70s, the Earthquakes drew the biggest crowds in American soccer and the Shakers cheered them on.

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Founding Quakers

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The true believers of 1974 reunite to salute the history of the Earthquakes and pro soccer in San Jose.

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Beyond the Tat

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MACLA presents the San Jose premiere of a new play with Ric Salinas of Culture Clash.

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Is the End Nigh?

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So say some readers of the Maya calendar-a new documentary examines the reality behind the theories.

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Kicking It

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Soccer great Brandi Chastain reaches out to girls with ReachuP! Foundation event.

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Lighting the Way

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CADRE students at SJSU help construct an illuminated wall of self-definition for ZERO1.

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Counting to ZERO1

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The biennial returns, and two SJSU artists are ready to turn arcade games into DIY projects.

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Finding Home

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Sometimes, it takes a trip far afield to rekindle the inspirations of an SJSU nonconformist.

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The Two Tours

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San Jose offers historical surprises to sightseers willing to slow down and ditch their cars.

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Jests in Time

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In celebration of 25 years, San Jose's ComedySportz plans an adult-themed B-movie improv-athon.

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Soccer King

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The reopened Watson Park serves as a reminder of Umberto Abronzino, the man who brought soccer to the valley.

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Urban Outreach

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San Jose celebrates its close ties to Dublin and gets ready to host Sister City conference.

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Kay Larson's new book charts the confluence of East and West in the music of John Cage.

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Lost Time

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A new Hindu temple rises in the nearby yet remote and removed town of Alviso

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Blues Valley

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Clubs from all over the valley line up to be part of this year's Fountain Blues Festival.

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Traveling Man

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San Jose native and piano wizard Thollem McDonas extols the virtues of perpetual travel.

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Raise Your Cup

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San Jose Patients Group nabs cannabis cup award for Indica entry.

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Dennis the Menace

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KOME shock jock Dennis Erectus pioneered the irreverent style of radio show that led to Howard Stern.

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E Cannabis Unum

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Activist, yippie, comedian and author Paul Krassner has seen it all, but pot hypocrisy persists.

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Silicon Alleys: Lost and Found

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Josh Marcotte, of Lost San Jose, brings a new perspective to his urban images for a show at the Usuals

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