Lost Temples

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Fry's has joined a long list of Silicon Valley's shuttered electronics shops.

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Taking Stock

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After an anemic year, the cannabis sector grew like a weed in 2020.

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Doobie Digs

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The Doobie Brothers' old San Jose home could become a historic landmark.

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Vaxxed Out

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Retail cannabis workers can now be vaccinated, but some aren’t happy.

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Hard Jobs

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What Steve Jobs' former assistant can teach Silicon Valley about personal growth.

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No Labels

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The cannabis industry faces a catch-22 in future federal CBD regulations.

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Arts Refocused

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Martha Gardens has long been an arts district, even through city stumbles.

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Teetering Along

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The Teeter-Totter Wall existed for just 20 minutes, but made a lasting impression.


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Weed Hugger

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As the pot industry grows, companies try to match their eco-friendly image.

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In the Weeds

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Biden's administration looks to be better for weed, but by how much?

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Old Chestnut

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Beyond dead tractors and bulldozers, a tour of a forgotten pocket of San Jose.


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As pot legalization gets ever closer, obstacles like the filibuster remain.

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Under Pressure

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Hammer & Lewis hit 100 years old last year, but the party will have to wait.


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Name Dropper

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San Jose joins international cities that have named a locale after Barack Obama.

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Cannabis Cult

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The feigned spirituality of pot may finally be going up in smoke.

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Growth Spurt

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Despite surprises, the pandemic has been good for the weed industry.

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Music History

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A walk through Union Plaza and Music Village, a relic from a better time.


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From the Logs

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Dispatches from the alley on local vendors, authors, plays and a dying strip mall.


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Frozen In Time

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The pot industry’s 2020 goals were shelved, but insiders won’t give up.

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Into the Void

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Two bills in Congress could help fill the U.S. cannabis research gap.

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