Testimony Titan

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Kronos Quartet's film is powerful, primed for a tumultuous, but hopeful, moment in time.

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Memory Lane

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Mexican Heritage Plaza will host a pandemic-friendly Dia de los Muertos.

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Show Goes On

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Even a plague can’t stop this cadre of artists from performing in San Jose.

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Road to Ruin

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A walk down San Jose’s Auzerais Avenue, where new shine meets old rust.

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Jazz Phantoms

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A few good wraiths linger at Garden City, once a bastion of creativity.

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In Tune

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A lesson in San Jose music history with a little serendipity mixed in.

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Bird Thoughts

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There’s plenty to get worked up about, but first: a lesson in mindfulness.

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This Old Haunt

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Remembering the ghosts of San Jose’s Cambrian Park Plaza before it’s gone.

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Flying Colors

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Chandrika Marla’s ‘Take Me Away’ is both an optical illusion and a statement.

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Gametime Call

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A strike, reflection and hope for change halted sports across the country.

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Arts and Chaos

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Despite disasters, Silicon Valley’s artists are still making inspiring work.

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A New Hope

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Race Street looks desolate at first glance, but it’s earned a second look.

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West Weed

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Hit TV series West Wing lays bare how far we’ve come on pot in 20 years.

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Supply Drop

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Silicon Valley companies and people are on a mission to help Central Valley workers.

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Hazy Science

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Medical CBD proponents rely on anecdotes and push for research.

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Charging Ahead

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DA unveils first indictment in corruption probe of sheriff’s concealed-carry licensing.

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Growing Up

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Cannabis industry workers now outnumber computer programmers.

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Golden Girl

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Locals remember Olivia de Havilland, Hollywood Golden Age class act.

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Mother of ‘MINE’

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An untold story of Almaden Valley, betrayal and the fearless woman behind it all.

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Jazz Man

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Eddie Gale, a mainstay in San Jose’s jazz scene, played outside the box.

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