Hide All Star Academy in Santa Clara

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All Star Academy (ASA) in Santa Clara knows how to get young baseball players to perform at their best. 

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San Jose Eases up on Medical Marijuana

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San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed figures it's time to take a breather on the medical marijuana issue in the city.

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Film and Literary Tours, from L.A. to San Jose

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The interstellar crossover between literature, old buildings and film industry history all converged last week at the inaugural Los Angeles Visionaries Association (LAVA) literary salon at the Musso & Frank Grill, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood.

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Silicon Alleys: Sharks vs. Ottowa—Hockey Memories

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The Anti-man-about-town resurfaced at HP Pavilion just last week to experience the Sharks taking on the Ottawa Senators. He had not been to a game in many years.

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Reefer & Reality

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In 2006, Steve DeAngelo received a permit to open Harborside Health Center in Oakland.

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Silicon Alleys: Symbol Search

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The Triton Museum’s Preston Metcalf embarks on a journey through the deeper meanings of art.

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Silicon Alleys: Glen Grammy

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David Sharpe recorded his Grammy-nominated kids’ album at Open Path Studios in Willow Glen

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Niner Anthem

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For a group of talented 49ers fans, fanaticism for the team has beenturned into a rally song now on YouTube.

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Silicon Alleys: Over the Shoulder

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A look back at the columns, alleys and interstices that defined 2011 in San Jose and beyond

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Only Just Begun

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Look back on the year in medi-pot—and some thoughts for the future

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The urban explorer can’t resist the siren call of a half-empty stripmall

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Silicon Alleys: On the Venue

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A trip to Basel reveals what a great soccer stadium should be—can San Jose do the same?

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420 Column: Holiday Highs

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OK. So you totally spaced out and forgot that Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus is coming up, right? But chill out for a minute—we can think of an easy way to do that—and read this week’s column for some of the best holiday gift ideas for your favorite ston ... er, patient.

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420: Here’s Your Stuff Back

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While some San Jose cannabis providers experience a not-so-merry holiday season, Christmas has come early for others. About two weeks ago, employees at San Jose Patients Group and Angel’s Care Collective got word that criminal charges stemming from a Santa Clara County raid in November 2010 were being dropped.

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Racers’ Edge

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The recent opening of K1 Speed in Santa Clara, at 295 Mead Ave., can provide one’s inner Michael Schumacher a chance to let loose around a winding track.

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420: Numbers Game

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The medi-pot people thought they had enough signatures for a referendum, buy San Jose’s Registrar of Voters didn’t think the numbers added up

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Silicon Alleys: Master Hermann

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The anti-man-about-town has emerged in this space quite a few times over the years, but after experiencing the Hermann Hesse Museum and Foundation in Montagnola, Switzerland, he just may have found a new inspirational terrain

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420: Pot Talks

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While San Jose's newly suspended medcial marijuana regulations float in legal limbo, Metro has learned that city officials have held meetings with the area's cannabis activists to figure out a compromise

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Silicon Alleys: Special F/X

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This Friday, the fans of San Jose’s once-famed F/X nightclub will gather at Brix

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Winter Sports for Bicyclists

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San Jose Bike Club's Winter Series allows cyclists to maintain their fitness during the colder months.

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