Santana Scene

Last weekend’s runway show at Santana Row featured TV celebs, flirty models and lots of pageantry

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Silicon Alleys: Scan This

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The new mobile app Scanjose lets curiosity seekers relive San Jose’s sometimes tumultuous past on their smartphones

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Cult Feedback

Metro readers respond with passion and suggestions to cult-film picks

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Silicon Alleys: Keys to Success

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Upstairs from a Palo Alto pizza joint, young players learn the joys of music at the New Mozart School

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Silicon Alleys: Fly Zone

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A tour of Mineta San Jose Airport reveals a range of upgrades for safe travel

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Silicon Alleys: Fish Tale

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In British Columbia, Canada, the remains of historic fishing canneries gain a new lease on life

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Silicon Alleys: Sonic Sutra

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A trip to Canada to see Ken Kesey’s sound system leads back to San Jose and Stevens Music    

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Silicon Alleys: Art on the Move

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The dressed-up and decked-out art cars roll into downtown San Jose on Friday.

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Silicon Alleys: Half-Pipe Dreams

A reunion at the Blank Club salutes the heady days of Winchester Skate Park some 30 years ago

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Silicon Alleys: Back of Beyond

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A planned reunion for seminal valley music club One Step Beyond recalls touring bands from Jane’s Addiction to the Ramones.

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Silicon Alleys: Socializing Media

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A panel on social media and a visit to a Little Italy fundraiser boost San Jose’s mood.

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Neutral Zone

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This summer, the seemingly bland neutral-color shoe is suddenly a hot trend.

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Silicon Alleys: Dewey’s Decimals

San Jose songwriter Lisa Dewey could earn big bucks thanks to Lindsay Buckingham’s version of her tune ‘With You on My Mind.’

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Fourth of July Weekend Guide

Celebrate the stars and stripes all weekend long in the South Bay area.

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Silicon Alleys: Cup of Memories

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The Quakes pay tribute to the U.S. team that took on Brazil in 1994 in a game for the ages.

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Style: Aware But Oblivious

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With multiple artistic identities, Cheyanne Payne, a.k.a. Miss Oblivious, a.k.a. Kook Teflon, find beautiful things in dark places.

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Silicon Alleys: To a Retro-T

A new plan to bring back the Earthquakes’ original logo inspires thoughts about the team’s auspicious San Jose start.

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Silicon Alleys: Take a Dive

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The author recalls the seedier side of the bar scene along South Bascom in San Jose.

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Silicon Alleys: Phelan Groovy

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In search of bracing blight, the author takes a lonely walk down San Jose’s Phelan Avenue in search of signs of the valley's industrial past.

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Silicon Alleys: Tasty Thoughts

The author's trip to Vancouver brings up some thoughts about new ideas for eating in San Jose and the possibilities at the soon-to-be San Pedro Square Public Market.

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