Statue Season

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With the Oscars about a month away, a guide to 2019’s best films.

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At least ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ succeeds in finally ending the saga.

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Noblesse Oblige

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‘The Kingmaker’ pulls back curtain on Imelda Marcos’ restorative injustice.

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Growing Pains

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Shia LaBeouf’s search for redemption feels more like a pity party in ‘Honey Boy.’

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It’s Complicated

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Things fall apart in Noah Baumbach’s latest film, ‘Marriage Story.’

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Sound & Vision

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‘Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound’ explains the soundscapes that lure us in.

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Foul Play

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Excellent ensemble cast comes together for a whodunnit in ‘Knives Out.’

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Time Travel

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In ‘Pain and Glory,’ Antonio Banderas helps director Pedro Almodovar tell his own story.

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Bad Old Days

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Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren prove a fine pairing in ‘The Good Liar.’

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Mask Off

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Everyone has secrets in HBO’s engaging elaboration on the world of ‘Watchmen.’

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Rainbow Regalia

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Rick Bacigalupi’s documentary, ‘Two-Spirit Powwow’ airs locally this month.

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Inner Demons

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‘Doctor Sleep,’ sequel to ‘The Shining,’ proves the past is hard to escape.

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Kid’s Crusade

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‘Jojo Rabbit,’ the latest from Taika Waititi, gleefully skewers Nazi absurdities.

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Short Cuts

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The San Jose International Film Festival screens short films at Santana Row.

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Eddie Murphy is miscast in terrific ensemble biopic, ‘Dolemite is My Name.’

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The Defenders

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UNAFF 2019, the South Bay’s best documentary festival, returns.

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On The Run

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‘Breaking Bad’ sequel ‘El Camino’ gives Jesse Pinkman sendoff he deserves.

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Joaquin Phoenix is ever-surprising as a Clown of Thorns in ‘Joker.’

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Old Flat Top

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Stanford Theatre screens ‘Frankenstein’ and other Universal horror classics.

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Lonely at the Top

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Renee Zellwegger plays Judy Garland in the new biopic, ‘Judy.’

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