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Break It Down

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Pho Tick Tock deconstructs dishes just in time for DIY craze.

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A Loving Gem in Almaden

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One of Thai Love You’s house specialties, Spicy Mango Crab Claws, could have guests crying for more.

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V-Day Victories

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The ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day regardless of relationship status.

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Gameday Getdown

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Make plans early because Super Bowl LI reservations are going fast.

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Tacos to Talk About

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Santana Row added a new favorite in Tacolicious.

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Walk the Line (and Wait)

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Demiya specializes in Japanese curry goodness.

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Let’s Get Toasted

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The Turkey Avocado combines two healthy and delicious options at Toasted, Craft Sandwiches.

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East Side Adds Vibrant VIP

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The Guamuchilito, comes with crab, cream cheese and avocado in the center, topped with tampico and more avocado.

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Great Balls of Fire

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House of Meatball (HOM) allows for customization or a menu featuring ‘Fixed Ballers.’

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Zareen’s Teases the Senses

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Zareen pushes the envelope to a taste bud explosion with its jalapeño cheese naan.

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Firenza and the Machine

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Firenza, the newest fast-casual pizza joint to enter the South Bay fray, doesn’t take long or disappoint.

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Make It Rain

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Danbi brings experience, delectable Korean fare to Japantown.

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Up in the Club

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The Breakfast Club’s version of Red Velvet Pancakes will change lives.

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Game Recognize

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It’s impossible to not see the game while having a drink at Rookies Sports Lodge.

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Missionary Positions

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Good beer and good friends find respite at Mission Creek Brewing Co.

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The Bold iTalico

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iTalico serves up a unique octopus carpaccio that wins points for texture.

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A Comeback Pho the Win

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The handmade noodles are a house specialty that help capture the nuance of the broth.

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Fast Meets Fine

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The pork belly bao at Kumino Restaurant makes an excellent on-the-go lunch.

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Quirky Bird

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Les Bizous specializes in fusing French cuisine with a variety of influences, perhaps in no more satisfying fashion than the Saffron Paella.

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The Genuine Article

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Danny Orozco’s sandwich joint, Genuine Heros, keeps it simple and delicious.

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