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Sake and Bites

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Mountain View's Nami Nami serves intense small portions for tasting between sips of sake.

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Seafood on the Go

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Sam's lobster roll is a ChowderMobile favorite.

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Chia Seeds

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They won't grow into pets, but chia seeds are fun, healthy and mysterious.

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Bistro Style

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Sometimes, strip malls contain pockets of culinary relief, like Bistro Tupaz in south San Jose.

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Beach Drinks

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Summer is almost here, and the time is right for a tasty, chilled cocktail.

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Manresa at 10

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David Kinch celebrates Manresa's anniversary in July.

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What’s Your Beef?

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Estancia Beef: A small slice of the meat counter raises big questions for consumers and locavores.

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Food Fest Season

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The food festival and event season is upon us. Here are three choice happenings in the weeks to come.

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Bare Knuckle Pizza

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People can't seem to get enough of artisanal pizzas, and the number of South Bay options continues to grow.

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Savory Gems

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From the 'jewelry box' miniature bites to the subtle rice dishes, Mitsunobu expands on kaiseki-style dining.

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Delicious treats can be found wherever this Asian/soul-full truck pulls up.

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Kraftbeer 3.0

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Featuring some 60 domestic and imported beers, many of them obscure and hard to find.

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Spice Trade

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San Jose's Hoi An restaurant specializes in hot tastes and beautiful plates.

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Shawarma Swarm

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Shawarma is a method of preparing meat on a spit, similar to the way the more familiar Greek gyro is made.

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R.I.P. Randy

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Randy Ritchie, a longtime waiter at Original Joe's passed away last Wednesday, May 2, at the age of 61.

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A New Leaf

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From Santa Cruz to San Jose's Evergreen, indie New Leaf wants to hold the big boxes at bay.

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Dishwalk & Wine Walk

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Eager Dishwalk strollers are ready to sample downtown San Jose's culinary arts.

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Thick and Thin

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The new Blue Line Pizza in Campbell serves both Chicago-and New York-style pies.

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Eat What You Are

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The intersections between food, history, culture and politics that are very much relevant to today's world.

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Smoke Signals

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The South Bay's best barbecue spots create dining magic with smoke and skewers.

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