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Nguyen or Take All

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Madison Nguyen is the first candidate to declare her intention to run for mayor of San Jose.

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Cyber Snoops

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Big Brother takes advantage of outdated laws to collect vast amounts of personal info.

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Rescue Me

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San Jose landmark Andy's Pet Shop looks to go nonprofit in the face of overwhelming pet rescue requests.

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The Big Squeeze

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Cash-flush investors spur residential real estate recovery while squeezing middle-income buyers out of market.

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Where’s the Fire?

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San Jose firefighter response times could be significantly worse than expected.

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Laws, Laws, Laws

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New California laws you should know for 2013—from password protection to homeowners' rights.

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Winter of George

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Cloud over county lingers beyond Supervisor George Shirakawa's last meeting as board president.

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Hoping to show the real Silicon Valley, SiliconHouse accepts global tech entrepreneurs like family.

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Green Economy

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The backlog for green cards has hit immigrant entrepreneurs and  Silicon Valley businesses hard.

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For the Record

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Program run by San Jose State students provides new leases on life by expunging criminal records.

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Nevermind the Auditors

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Report shows county knew Shirakawa used loophole in 2009.

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Goodwill Hunting

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Chamber sucks nonprofit into minimum wage fight without its permission.

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Another Round

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Campbell vice mayor accosted at Oktoberfest for sexual orientation.

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Hound Hunting

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California hunters may need to leave man's best friend at home if Gov. Brown signs off on canine hunting ban.

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Start the Music

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Changes to San Jose's entertainment permit process has tripled the number of live music venues in recent years.

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Defer to the Chief

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President Obama’s change in the policy on illegal immigration could have more than obvious benefits.

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Smudge Job

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San Jose Police, Sheriff's Office wage multimillion dollar fight for control of fingerprints.

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Driving in Circles

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Funded by a billionaire insurance company owner who says he’s acting in your best interests, Prop 33 is back.

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Sunday Punched

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After a rough summer at the polls, unions flex with work stoppages at Graniterock facilities.

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Lethal Blow

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With $2.9 million behind Prop. 34, California may become the 19th state to abolish the death penalty.

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