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Cult of Cat

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    SJ’s Internet Cat Video Festival in lockstep with online zeitgeist.

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Water E-Gate

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Water District staff emailed nude photos, racist and homophobic  jokes under CEO’s watch.

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Sky Detective

Climatologist Azadeh Tabazadeh pens memoir of Iran escape.

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Identity Denied

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New book shares trans women’s stories from male prisons.

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Passing Grass

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Gov. Jerry Brown signs sweeping new medical marijuana laws.

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The Exemptables

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Regional minimum wage plan rallies support, could exclude most vulnerable workers.

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Section Hate

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Housing crisis leaves Section 8 renters on outside looking in.

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Rent Row

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Silicon Valley’s low-income renters find few protections from predatory landlords.

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Nerd Alert

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Conservation meets tech as local Nerds for Nature takes root.

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Meat in the Middle

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Startups race for edge on vegan market, as future of plant-based food in flux.

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Dr. Roboto

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Robotic surgeries represent future of medicine, but marketing and lack of regulation raise red flags.

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Road Rage

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Little Portugal residents fume over dangerous road conditions.

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Cake Wars

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Allegations of racism, retaliation burn East Side institution Peters’ Bakery.

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Lethal Rejection

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California’s capital punishment fight enters M.C. Escher territory.

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Probing Honda

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Congressman Mike Honda shells out $65,000 on lawyers as pay-to-play investigation extended.

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Richard Blum’s fortune has grown on the ruins of the American dream.

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Almost Golden

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Water District CEO signs exclusive deal with tainted contractor.

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Teen to Life

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Mass incarceration of California teens inspires dramatic legislative reforms.

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HandUp App

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Bay Area-based startup HandUp connects homeless people in need with donors who want to help.

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School Rally

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Madison Nguyen proposes UC San Jose campus.

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