February 14-20, 2007

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Photograph by Felipe Buitrago
Properly lubricated: V-Day is a great day to do something worth regretting.

Four for the Drunk and Lonely

Four nighttime options to suit your Valentine's Day fancy

By Ryan Osterbeck

LOVE IS in the air. From brain-addled and love-scorned astronauts to major city mayors, Cupid's arrows have been flying with random precision and iffy results. So, in the interest of dodging the barrage from the little cherub's love quiver, here's a survival guide if you're single (or not) to some happenings around San Jose this Valentine's Day that don't exactly fall in line with the average flowers, candy, teddy bear and prix fixe menu plan, and may just help you get by this yearly holiday fabrication with minimal pain.

Looking for It

If you're serious about scoping out the potential love scene downtown tonight instead of riding the sofa like your normal Wednesday night (hey, Lost just returned, who could blame you), hit up the "Ultimate Singles Party" at Taste Ultra Lounge. Apparently the nightclub will forgo the cover charge until 11pm for the evening (a nice touch) with the turntable stylings of Jose Melendez and DJ Remedy hitting the decks.

Love: Hey, the potential is there. It's billed as a singles party, so there should be a decent chance of finding a lovelorn hottie and seeing where the drinks and dancing take you.

Buzz: Well, with shot specials for singles all night long and two-for-one bottle service, Taste has a decent chance of delivering a solid buzz. However, being that it's an ultralounge, watch your tab, or at the end of the night, even your wallet won't sleep with you.

Had It, Lost It

If you've been duped by the little winged bastard before, you really can't find a better show on V-Day than Sik Luv tearing it up at Johnny V's. With sped-up rockabilly riffs from one of the best outfits on the local scene and some burlesque dancing from the Sparkley Devil show, this is the perfect place to find a significant other who still has a rebellious streak.

Love: You'll definitely get out what you put into this one. Share some cheap, potent drinks and some spurned lover stories with Sik Luv as a backdrop; the heavy lifting's already been done for you.

Buzz: It's Johnny V's; they sport a phenomenal drink-to-drunk ratio any night of the week. Just keep your buzz in check—if you start slurring too early, you're taking yourself out of the game.

Don't Care About It

If you feel like putting love in a headlock and beating it senseless, this is the show for you. Cranking the amps at VooDoo tonight are four bands full of raw power, intense licks and classic punk fury. On the bill are the Rivals, Ragweed, the Last Chordz and the Medicated Motherfuckers, seriously good music for the "I don't give a shit" in all of us.

Love: It's a possibility with so many like-minded individuals moshing at the stage to some loud as hell punk, but, unfortunately, that's also the reason why love may remain elusive at this show.

Buzz: Are you kidding me? If you can't catch a buzz at this show, we might have to send you back down to the minors.

Moving On From It

If you're ready to get back on the love horse for the night or you just want to remember what the petting zoo was like, hit Mission Ale House for their Anti-Valentine's Day party. With the potency of every cocktail that flows from the bar at this downtown stalwart and the ever-present singles scene at Mission, this is probably your best bet for quick V-Day success.

Love: It's a crapshoot, but the social wheels will definitely be lubricated. And if you strike out on your first try, remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Buzz: The buzz factor is a sure thing, always has been at Mission. And, good statistical mathematics tells us that as the drunk factor rises, the hook-up also proportionately rises. Just keep the beer goggle variable in check.

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