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March 14-20, 2007

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Joe Sanchez of the Blue Bonnet 2

Photograph by Jennifer Biggerstaff
Was I stripes or solids? Joe Sanchez of the Blue Bonnet 2 sets up for the shot Felson style.

Sunnyvale on Cue

By Felipe Buitrago

WATCHING THAT umpteenth rerun of The Color of Money on TNT always gives you a little itch that makes you wanna run to the local pool hall and sink a few. But be careful if you walk into the Blue Bonnet this Sunday, March 18—you don't want to start swinging your cue stick like kung fu Tom Cruise unless you can really play. This tournament will set the stage for the spring season of the Silicon Valley Bar Pool League that starts March 20 and goes on for the next 14 to 15 weeks. The SVBPL, an NPO currently directed by David Rodgers, has been organizing pool play for the past 30 years and is home to many great players. So many, in fact, that the league is divided in two conferences, each conference has two divisions and each division has roughly six to eight teams. The divisions, as in most sports, represent skill level, and in this case they also represent players who shoot pool and might have a drink, and those who drink and then might shoot pool. Each team represents a bar or pool hall in the South Bay that takes turns hosting events. Ron Zuber, owner of the Blue Bonnet in Sunnyvale, will be hosting this weekend's tourney and if you'd like to see why the Blue Bonnet 2 team is the current reigning league champ, I suggest you make your way over there. The drinks are served cold and the shots will be scorching the felt. For more information on the tournament, league play and pool playing, check out

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