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I Saw You

Heartless Lawyer

I saw you, the cold-blooded lawyer walking the streets of downtown San Jose with files in hand. You saw that old man fall flat on his face onto the sidewalk. You even crossed the street to go to him. And when you arrived at his side, you just looked over him as he struggled to get up. You didn't offer a hand; hell, you didn't even offer a word. You just stood there watching as your last inch of humanity slipped away from you, and when you were done being absolutely useless, you walked on. The elderly man finally got to his feet, his nose cracked open, dripping blood onto the mail scattered on the ground and onto his "U.S. Veterans" cap. You're the kind of future he fought for? What a sad day this must have been for that poor old man.

To our U.S. Vet, thank you. Thank you so much! I wish there's more we could have done for you. When we offered to make a phone call for you, you said, "No, thank you. This is what happens when you're an old fart." Wow. You're done serving in war, but you're still a fighter. A true American hero.

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