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Letters to the Editor

What Do They Know?

When I read stories like this ("9/11 Blowup," Cover, Sept. 9), I always wonder what the background of the author is and how much they actually know about science.

I've read about these theories for years and they all have no basis in scientific fact. We have videos of the planes hitting the buildings, and we saw the fires burn for an hour or so. If you read the "official" report, they have a very plausible explanation for the mechanism of collapse.

The theories postulated in this story require a level of competence that can't be ascribed to any governmental or private agency.

Bob Kenyon

San Jose

Doesn't Add Up

It is easy to say, "We don't agree with the government report," and then propose some vague alternative theory. The critics of the official report seek to make a lot out of microscopic evidence consistent with thermite. What processes, besides those proposed by the critics, create this reaction residue? Is this residue inconsistent with the government's report?

The alternative theory has to propose an alternative that is tenable. Assume that there was a conspiracy. How many people were involved? How did they coordinate hijacking all these airplanes and the planting and detonation of the explosives? Where did they get the explosives? Explosive building demolition is always preceded by structural weakening. How did all the pre-911 activity go undetected? Where is the pre-911 work of the conspirators in the Pentagon and the supposed 4th target? Where is the evidence of coordination between the 19 hijackers and the people who rigged the buildings? How has this conspiracy evaded all detection?

The real problem the conspiracy theorists have is that they don't want to believe the 19 fanatics with box cutters could cause all this damage. Thus, there must be a larger conspiracy.

Robert Zager


Bizarre Details

Thank you for your story on the 9/11 Twin Towers mystery. Back in 2001, I had slight attention on the fact that a mere two airplanes brought down two huge towers. It has since been an unsettled thought. A few years later I happened across a YouTube feature called "Loose Change" and my eyes were opened. This lead me to read a book by author Jim Marrs called The Terror Conspiracy. Both of these displayed many many points of this tragedy which when put together add up to one big lie. There are too many outpoints for me to turn away: the film I saw showed explosions in each building just before it free-fell into a collapse; many who made it out claimed to have heard explosions; these buildings were built to withstand cataclysms of large magnitude, yet two medium-sized planes brought both down.

There are even more shocking discoveries about the other planes. In studying the aftermath of the Pentagon crash, it was discovered that the hole the plane supposedly made was smaller than what a plane of that size should've made.

All these bizarre details point to something—that there was something else going on. These groups that exist for the 9/11 Truth need to keep demanding the truth. They need to grow in numbers. Americans as a whole need to wake up and observe what we are being fed, and evaluate it closely for anything odd. The 9/11 "conspiracy theory" is actually the facts being uncovered. The story that is pulled over our eyes is the actual conspiracy.

Joey Percival

San Jose