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Letters to the Editor

X Doesn't MarkThe Spot

Thank you for another "Best of" issue (Cover Story, Sept. 26)—appreciate especially learning about the newer places in it. One comment, though: next time, could you please add cross streets to the addresses of the places you feature? Seeing that a business is at XXXXX Stevens Creek Blvd. or YYY Homestead Road or ZZZZ Meridian Ave. doesn't give me a clue.


Alma, Los Gatos

OK, we'll think about it, Alma. In the meantime, Music editor Mike Connor has volunteered to provide directions for anyone having trouble finding any location in Silicon Valley. So just give him a call.—Editor

Patty Wagon

Re "Best of Silicon Valley" As a former San Jose resident, I'm bummed that Patty's Inn gets no props as being a crucial pre-Sharks hangout. It's been around forever and returned to top form after the fire in the '90s. I still wear my Patty's T-shirt proudly.


Andy Nystrom, Seattle, Wash.

Hope You Win, And Then Lose

Re "Balls to the Wall" (Silicon Alleys, Aug. 29): Thank you. Just thank you. As an American sports fan who also loves soccer and has a journalism degree, I'd buy you a beer for that column. Hockey's not an "American" sport but you never see the xenophobic hatemongering crap spewed at the NHL like you see thrown at MLS. Sad and pathetic. Thanks for putting your foot down. I hope the revamped Quakes roll Beckham FC into the ground but lose to my Revs. Sorry, have to support my local boys, you know. Thanks again!

Jim Powers, Arlington, Mass.

Screw Futbol

Re "Balls to the Wall": Just a couple of things: First off, where did you learn latitude and longitude notation ("Grading the Curves of Monte Sereno," Silicon Alleys, Aug. 22)? Although I have not finished my certificate work in Geographic Information Systems, I know enough about lat/long notation that one does not use negative/positive numbers to express east–west, north–south orientation.Your attempts at precision seem to this reader, silly, and resulted in gross inaccuracy.

BTW—the reason for the odd values on street signs is social engineering. These uncommon numbers force the driver to actually pay attention rather than just ignore them. Furthermore, values on signs ahead of curves are suggested velocities, not a change of speed limit.

Second, if soccer or futbol is such a great game ("Balls to the Wall," Silicon Alleys, Aug. 29), why does it constantly need defending from hacks such as yourself? I lived in Europe (Germany) for 6 years and never picked up the habit of going to futbol games or the as-popular track and field events. This despite having friends playing and running for Eintracht Frankfurt. It isn't because I consider them to be inferior, it's just that I simply have no interest.

I think what disturbs many writers (and well informed and geographically aware persons such as myself) is the collective shove down our throats of yet another sports subsidy.  I like sports, I watch them on TV and attend games in person. However, I do not believe it is appropriate for any business to be subsidized by the commonwealth unless there is an overriding public need. Adhering to the maxim, duas tantum re anxius optat, panem et cicenses.

It's especially interesting that American-style football needed very little subsidy, which it received from the sponsoring business, to establish itself in Europe.

If a particular activity provides enough entertainment, then the naysayers will be ignored by those enjoying said entertainment.  Look how many attend arena football and lacrosse matches; the latter being, in my opinion, far more entertaining then futbol. (The again, I grew up in that hotbed of lacrosse, rural New York State.) Nevertheless, it is doubtful that the weak, uninformed, and specious arguments that you set out for public consumption will further the cause; rather I suspect they will bolster the efforts of those who oppose it. The first sign of a poor argument is the ad hominem, and you immediately resorted to that tactic. Once employed, you denigrated your position such that whatever subsequent statements you made would be ignored. Luckily for you, you failed to employ any reasonable arguments, and so ignoring them was the better tack.

Enjoy selling that snake oil to the people. However, should the populace throw the empty bottles back at you, remember you have only yourself to blame.

Bob Aho, Via email

And Finally ...

Gawd bless Metro. Corporate media fuckin' sucks.

Stephanie Walker, Gilroy

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