Mar 29, 2023

Silicon Alleys: An Imperfect Signpost to the Real San Jose

The intersection of East Hills and White Road still features one of the most vibrant old-school strip-mall signs anywhere in San Jose. I use the phrase “still features,” because I don’t get to type those words very often when describing signage. These days, when real estate developers relentlessly smash whatever...
airfield supply company, cannabis delivery
All Amigos Club
Mar 1, 2023

Silicon Alleys: True Romance at the Littlest Little Italy

Across the street from Henry’s Hi-Life, I ordered a $16 True Romance right where the $3.50 breakfast used to...
Unidentified Figures
Feb 22, 2023

Silicon Alleys: Winter Fest Installation Invigorates Empty Space

Six Ukrainian soldiers with pixelated faces have activated an abandoned sculptural space previously closed off to the public. A...
1980s Downtown
Feb 15, 2023

A Look Back at the Pavilion, DTSJ’s Epic Fail

The San Jose Redevelopment Agency did one thing right. They took pictures. For example, consider a mid-’80s photo depicting wreckage...
Gary Singh
Feb 8, 2023

In a Cultural Wasteland, Nick Cave Once Found Shelter

Despite the ruined First Church of Christ, Scientist, the grass is greener where the Oasis used to be.  After a...
Silicon Alleys
Feb 1, 2023

Remembering Arnold Del Carlo, Silicon Valley’s Visual Storyteller

One of the greatest photographers in San Jose history has left the building. In fact, many of the buildings...
The Friends Meeting House
Jan 25, 2023

Illuminating San Jose’s Quaker Past

The oldest Quaker house in California sits at the end of a cul-de-sac. But don’t worry. It isn’t going...

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