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January 11-17, 1996



    No Sympathy for the Devil: Satanist turned Christian battles former bud. A Metroactive Web Extra featuring QuickTime movie clips!

Arts & Entertainment

    Waiting to Exhale: Terry McMillan's filmed novel misses the roots beneath the fractiousness of black male-female relationships.

    I Am Cuba: Stereotypical characters silhouetted against brilliant camerawork.

    Leaving Las Vegas: A tragic triangle of two lovers and a bottle.

    Georgia: Two sisters--one thinks, the other doesn't.

    Version Therapy: The dubwise experiments of Lee Scratch Perry.

    Mellow Cello: A night of Schumann at the San Jose Symphony.

    Audiofile: Reviews of the latest CDs by The Mr. T. Experience, Ragga Mania, and Bo Bud Greene.

    Beat Street: Local vocals, new CD shops, and the last word on '95.

    Beat "Hearmony": A new book and CD-ROM reveal the roots of the Beat Generation, with Jack Kerouac in the lead.

    Funny Books: Artists draw on the lighter side of the Dark Knight and Spider-Man.

    X Mocks the Spot: Generation X magazines push radical design and edgy reportorial agendas that distinguish them from their baby-boomer forebears.

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