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Odd Facts

Real Public Service Programs

  • 64 percent of the respondents who had sex with someone who got laid off last year were Democrats.

    Where's the Escape Key?

  • 44.5 percent of respondents who lost their virginity accidentally now work in the tech sector.

    So That's What They Mean By 'Magic Wand'

  • 66 percent of valley Wiccans own sex toys.

    Praise the Ford

  • 22 percent of Christians had sex in a car last year.

    Dumb Joke Here About 'Dangling Chad'

  • 28.2 percent of locals who wondered who won the Florida election last year also emailed someone a naked picture of themselves.

    Made in the U.S.A.

  • 92 percent of the respondents who purchased an American flag last year also downloaded Internet porn.

    Only If It's a Mac

  • 3.7 percent of respondents who had sex with a co-worker also wondered, "If I'm attracted to my computer, am I gay?"

    Sexy Questions

    Here are some of the sexual mysteries pondered in 2001:

    Why are there so few "escort services" for women?
    Why aren't women as aggressive as men?
    Is the G-spot an urban legend?
    What's the difference between love and sex?
    Why are men absolutely hypnotized by women's breasts?
    What would life be like loving a TV set?

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  • From the February 14-20, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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