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February 15-21, 1996

Metro's Literary Quarterly

LQ Reviews
    Lead Us Not Into Temp: Companies are lapping up the benefits of a flexible, temporary workforce, but the arrangement may have long-term social costs: a class of workers without health benefits, retirement or a sense of stability.

    Public Eye: Redevelopment dabbles in hysterical preservation, the possibility of mayoral housecleanings and kitchen cabinets.

    Polis Report: Trade you a Ross Perot for a Pat Buchanan?

Arts & Entertainment

    Pagoda Power: One of the culinary options to be found within downtown San Jose's Fairmont Hotel, Pagoda dedicates itself to looking so beautiful and elegant the menu must struggle to keep up.

    Vegging Out: Downtown San Jose's Vegetarian House offers an array of vegetarian cuisine from around the world.

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