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February 22-28, 1996


    Private Practices: What do you get when you take a north county hospital with a sterling reputation and drag it into a '90s maelstrom of privatization and managed health care? An $18 million mess.

    Polis Report: At Arby's, computers now ask, "Would you like fries with that?"

Arts & Entertainment

    Bronx Bomber: Jackie Chan talks about rumbling in the Bronx.

    A Midwinter's Tale: Behind-the-curtains comedy takes a dive in Kenneth Branagh's latest film.

    Unforgettable: John Dahl can't remember what made him a cult director.

    Another Opening, Another Show: The new UA Pavilion Theater showcases spineless jellies, whopper launching, and the best amenities our money can buy.

    Free-jazz Forever: Unwilling to compromise his sound, jazzman Charles Gayle played the streets for almost 20 years before he became an avant-garde favorite.

    Beat Street: Area bands put their best (and worst) CDs forward.

    Rigoletto Without Rigor: West Bay Opera's vision of Verdi lacks consistency but showcases individuals.

    Don't Die Before You're Dead: Russia's superstar of verse, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, visits San Jose.

    Abstract by the Bay: West Coast abstract painters get their due in a new book.

    CIA Operations: The Culinary Institute of America has expanded from its New York home, opening a West Coast base in the wine country. There, expert chefs impart their secrets to the next generation of cooking stars.

    Bargain Bites: John's Xlnt Foods in Willow Glen lives up to its name.

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