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This Week
March 7-13, 1996

Cooper Housed: Internationally
known--and now collectible--
painter A.D.M. Cooper, whose
images romanticized the
West, took San Jose by storm
in his day. The largest assembled
collection of his work comes
home to the Bingham Gallery.

Surgical Shortcuts: As more men with botched penile enlargement surgeries come forward, the rise of once-media darling Dr. Melvyn Rosenstein--known as 'Dr. Dick'--goes down.

Public Eye: How do you get around state campaign contribution limits? Run against someone who has loaned himself a lot of money.

Arts & Entertainment
Little Girl Lost: Remembering Anne Frank in a new documentary.

Uncut Lust: Love and death in Japanese director Nagisa Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses.

The Sweetest Drop: Teen chemist toys with poison in the black comedy, The Young Poisoner's Handbook.

Blast Off: Bottle Rocket follows hopeless suburbanites on a hold-up in a dry, quirky comedy.

Bush Whacked: Nirvana and Pearl Jam fade away as scrunge rockers like Bush and Silverchair clean up grunge's grit.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Matthew Shipp Quartet, Speech, and Melvin Taylor and the Slack Band

Beat Street: Two scoops of local ooh-la-la.

More Than Charlie Chan: This year's Asian American Film Festival features a poetic gantsa, a runaway writer, and a documentary on Tiananmen Square.

Montalvo Matters: Villa Montalvo announces its schedule of summer shows.

Wilde in the West: SJ Stage plays with history and wins an Oscar.

Fat Men in Skirts: Even stranger than it sounds...

Left of Center: Progressive book tackles the New American Crisis.

Three for Dinner: Find a fusion of influences--a bit of Thai here, some Italian there, lots of California everywhere--at Cafe Trio.

Vegging Out: Billy Ray Boyd's For the Vegetarian in You examines why many of us hesitate to make the dietary switch.

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