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Kaddish for Allen Ginsberg

By Dan Pulcrano

Strange now to think of you,
with American Express card at marble Fairmont counter in sunny San Jose,
mentioning that you'd like a young boy,
signing Kaddish for Ray Charles so he could shout 'You tell Mr. Ginsberg I'll see page 7 all right!'
entertaining in the presidential suite with tales of black hole MDA trips,
taking guests on bathroom tours.
'George Bush shit in this toilet!'
Reading sphincter sex poems at State while listeners squirmed and tightened in their seats.
Singing about killer cigarettes and CIA drug deals in 1992--poets always beat the journalists.
Stopping by to consecrate our new office, 'Birdbrain edits Metro,' you shouted.
We promised the building would emit a million words and inscribed our names on the wooden post.
'How's your mom doing financially,' you asked John Allen like a concerned Jewish grandfather lip kisser.
Now you're with Neal and Naomi. Thanks for breaking all the rules so the rest of us could break some.

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From the April 10-16, 1997 issue of Metro

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